Community Outreach - Live Animal Presentations

40-50 minute program. Live animals help to illustrate a variety of natural history concepts and topics. Some programs involve hands-on activities with artifacts and/or the opportunity to touch animals.

All programs feature live desert animals

Meet the Neighbors
As Sonoran Desert dwellers, we have the privilege of sharing the desert with many plants and animals. Some may seem unfamiliar or even a little scary. We’ll explore the lifestyles and beneficial roles of our animal residents and learn how to be good neighbors with wildlife.
Creatures of the Night
The desert is the place to be for lively night-life! Meet some of the creatures that work the night shift and discover the amazing variety of senses and skills they employ to make a living in the dark.
Desert Reptiles
From lizards to tortoises and snakes, meet the awesome reptiles of the Sonoran Desert. Compare their diverse strategies for movement, defense, and feeding. Discover their unique adaptations to desert life.
Flying Friends
Birds, bats, and bees are all around us, but what makes them special? Let’s explore their adaptations for getting airborne and discover how they use the power of flight for their unique roles in our desert ecosystem. We’ll even meet a live feathered friend!
Saguaro Partners
Did you know saguaros are only found in the Sonoran Desert? Learn how the saguaro is adapted to life here, and explore the important partnerships it shares with other living things. Discover how the saguaro depends on animals for pollination and seed dispersal, and meet the animals that rely on this giant for shelter and food.
Invasive Species People are moving plants and animals around the planet and into new environments more rapidly than ever before. Discover what makes a non-native species invasive and learn about the challenges this creates for iconic Sonoran Desert plants, animals, and landscapes. Explore solutions to these threats and learn ways that we can all help! (This program requires equipment for a PowerPoint presentation.)


Please provide a 6 foot table for animal handler.


$550For 40-50 minute presentation

Travel Fees for roundtrip distances 50 miles and over:

50-100 miles $260
100-150 miles $360

Outreach Programming is limited to Pima, Santa Cruz, Pinal, Cochise and Graham Counties. Overnight accommodation charges may be required, depending on travel time and the duration of programming.

Reservations require a 30-day minimum advance notice. Availability hours are 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

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