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Annual Report 2017

Green Plant
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Financial Statement

The following financial information is a condensed version of the audited financial statements as of September 30, 2017. A copy of the audited financial statements for the year ended September 30, 2017 may be obtained upon request.

Statement of Financial Position

Assets Consolidated
Cash and cash equivalents $1,225,608
Receivables $641,007
Investments $9,778,651
Beneficial interest
  in perpetual trust
Inventories $222,309
Other assets $445,619
Property and equipment, net $14,573,737
Total assets$27,025,054
Line of credit $0
Accounts payable $519,080
Accrued liabilities $467,622
Unearned revenue $181,875
Deferred revenue,
  membership dues
Capital leases payable $3,428
Total liabilities$1,583,970
Net assets
Other unrestricted$16,178,576
Temporarily restricted$3,705,578
Permanently restricted$4,163,241
Total net assets$25,441,084
Total liabilities and net assets$27,025,054
Operating Expenses Incurred
Collections 27%
Facilities 26%
Administration & General 15%
Conservation Education & Science13%
Development & Membership7%
Art Institute 7%
Exhibits, Design & Planning 2%
Guest Services 4%
Source of Operating Revenues
Admissions 39%
Membership 20%
Contributions 16%
Investment & Other 7%
Concessions and Food Services 8%
Grants 3%
Support from Designated Funds 2%

Operating Activity

Total Revenues and Other Support $9,193,858
Total Expenses $9,179,331
Change in net operating assets $14,527
Net operating assets,
  beginning of year
Net operating assets,
  end of year

For additional information contact Dave Eshbaugh, Director of Philanthropy, 520-883-3039,
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