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Annual Report 2017

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Operating Expenses Pie Chart
Program Expenses:
Facilities $2,370,227
Guest Services $335,596
Cool Summer Nights $23,833
Interpretive Animal Collections $219,708
Raptor Free Flight $236,145
Botany $555,256
Herpetology and Invertebrate Zoology $489,897
Mammalogy and Ornithology $728,863
Publications $16,558
Conservation Education & Science $1,135,709
Exhibits, Design & Planning $163,558
General Collections $265,233
Art Institute $616,316
Supporting Services:
Administration $482,430
Finance $498,051
Marketing $355,570
Development and Membership $686,381
Total Expenses$9,179,331
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“During our first visit to the Desert Museum in 1994 we agreed it was the best full spectrum natural history experience we'd ever had - and right here in our own backyard!
We've supported the Museum annually since then and encourage friends and business associates to do the same.”
--Jerry Weinert
& Marni Dittmar