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Annual Report 2017

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Thank You
Fiscal Year 2017 Supporters

October 1, 2016 through
September 30, 2017 (inclusive)

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$25,000 and above

Priscilla and Michael Baldwin Foundation
The Guilford Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

$10,000 - $24,999

Priscilla V. and Michael C. Baldwin
Bonnie S. Beckmann
Kerstin Block
Lois Chandler
Edna Gray and David Johnson
Haskell Fund
Patricia and John H. Hemann

$5,000 - $9,999

The Fred and Christine Armstrong Foundation
Alice C. and Paul L. Baker
Tami and Gary Brothers
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Nita R. and Neill W. Freeman
Judy Gans and Joe Kalt
James R. Hensley
Deanna K. and Michael O. McDonald

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (8)
N. Bruce Ashby
Bain Law Firm PLLC
Carrie M. and Erik B. Bakken
Craig Barker
Jeannette and Robert Barnes
Rebecca Block and Tim Haskin
Elizabeth Borozan
Renee and Michael Botelho
Sherye Boylan
Barbara and Francis J. Boyle
Bernd Brand
Susan J. Bring
Jeanne S. Broome
Buffalo Exchange
Debbie and Jeff Burgess
Beverly and J. Scott Candrian
Ann and Ray Carroll
Evelyn Carswell-Bing
Carol and Francis X. Chambers, Jr.
Karen Christensen and Ken Kay
CIBZ, Inc.
Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County
Charlotte F. and James E. Cordes
Valerie J. and Martin B. Cotanche
Cox Communications (Tucson)
Jenine and Phillip C. Dalrymple
Anthony DeFrancesco and Gregg Goldman
Desert Diamond Casinos and Entertainment
Donald E. Dietrich
Patricia and John D. Doerr
Deborah and Paul Donnelly
Anne and John P. Duffy
Judith and Lawrence Effken
Wanda and Ed Eichler
Linda and Jon Ender
Patricia Engels and Richard H. Medland
Sharon and Lynn Ericksen
Evim Foundation
Fauth Charitable Giving Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Lynn Toby Fisher and John Lee Compton
Linda and Fred Frankenfeld
Frelinghuysen Giving Account at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Louise R. and James J. Glasser
Robert W. Gore
Robert S. Gorman
Douglas Gouzie
Penelope Ann Graf and Raymond Chamberlain
Kathy H. and Jerome K. Green
Linda and Thomas Grissom
Diana W. Hadley
The William Edwin Hall Foundation at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Lisa K. Harris
Pamela Henderson
Patty Horn
Kathleen A. and Michael A. Houghtaling
Deborah Howard Jacob and Jeff Jacob
Cathy and Chip Jackson
Dolores M. and Stephan K. Jacobs
Susan and Victor Jacobson
Marian and Fruman Jacobson
Sophia Kaluzniacki
Sali Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Keating
Leesa B. and David J. Lane
Susanna K. Laundy
Lauylima Family Offices, LLC
Eleanor D. Lee
Laura LePere and Brad Paxton
Ann Lovell and Tom Warne
Ann C. Martin
Shannan K. Marty and Christopher Pendleton
Maudra and Ralph B. McLaughlin
Barbara Minker
Donnasu and Jim Moody
Patricia C. Morgan and Peter F. Salomon
Thomas R. Moulton
Eileen and John F. Mundy
Northern Trust Bank
Jan C. Nyland
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Barbara W. Parker
Laura Pendleton-Miller
Susan Pierson
Pima County
Judith B. and Barry Pomerantz
Patty Popp
R. Cynthia Pruett
Marilyn G. and Gerald M. Querciagrossa
Sally Quinby
R and A CPAs
Eileen Rakita
Patricia F. Raskob and Thomas H. Paulus
Raskob-Kambourian Financial Advisors, Inc.
Virginia M. and Donald N. Reeves
Bradford W. Rich
Rachel Robles and Reuben E. Merideth
Nancy and Peter Salter
Elizabeth and Michael Sampsel
Richard C. Sanders
Helen S. and John P. Schaefer
Schwab Charitable Fund
R. L. Shackle
Marlene Carol and Gail H. Skinner
Sarah B. and David C. Smallhouse
Don Snider
Michelle D. and Kevin S. Stoleson
Elizabeth and Gilbert Storms
Judith and Gregg Summerville
Lois Sundt-Mueller
Lisa and Robert C. Swif
Elizabeth I. Taylor and John P. Nametz
Susan and Evan Unger
U.S. Trust/Bank of America
UFCW Local 99R
Donna Lynn and Sperry Van Langeveld
Joey and James L. Vander Vorste
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Cynthia and William VerDuin
Visit Tucson
Edith D. and Philip D. Volk
Countess Anita and Count Ferdinand von Galen
Linda F. and William F. Wallace
Margaret West and Richard Hallick
Emmi Whitehorse and Mark T. Bahti
Bill Williams
Cathy and Lance R. Wilson
The Windibrow Foundation

$500 - $999

Barbara J. and Wayne W. Algire
Anonymous (5)
Arizona Department of Agriculture
The Ashton Company, Inc.
Bank of America
Marcia and Dave Barclay
Beach Fleischman and Co. P.C.
Steven Bergom
Jill and Edward C. Bessey
Anna Maria and Giuseppe Biagini
Edwin L. Biggers
Susan A. Bingham
Constance and Harrington Bischof
Harrington and Constance G. Bischof Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Bondy Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Connie B. and Rodney T. Boorse
Lindy and Stephen K. Brigham
Roberta Brody and Zeb Blackman
Margory B. and Richard J. Brown
Adaek Bullock and Thomas Goddard
Alice M. and Charles D. Butts
Loomis and Willard T. Carleton
Sally and James C. Carruth
Deborah Chah
Setsuko Chambers and Keith Joiner
Michael J. Clark
Ellen and Rafael Colon
Sarah C. Congdon and John R. Leech
Jennie L. Conway and Robert I. Modica
Sevren and Dennis Coon
William Cowen, Jr
Maud K. and Jack I. Crowell
David A. Crown
Marjorie M. and George R. Cunningham
Kelsi Currier and Kevin Gibbons
Elena B. and Charles W. d'Autremont
Fred Davis
Garry N. Doane
Donal Drayne
Gail E. and Sandra Dunlap
Dottie Eakin
Joanne and Jim Feller
Audrey and John H. Finley
Amy Fletcher and Jim Irish
Sandra H. and David J. Fraboni
Carol Q. and Steven R. Galper
George D. Ganoung
Leslie and David K. Gardner
Julia R. and Richard Gassaway
Patricia C. and Henry Giclas
Anita Goss and John LaWall
Cathy and Bob Griffin
Grissom Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Gloria Guzman and Veronica Vollmer
Diana K. and Kevin E. Hanna
Jeanne P. Studer Hansen and Walter J. Hansen
Kathryn L. and Michael W. Hard, Sr.
Richard W. Hardy
Shirley Harmon and William Hoban
Evelyn Harrison
Susan B. Hopf
Tamaryn and Richard J. Howard
Hughes Federal Credit Union
Lee Hurd
Jeanne Ideno
Justin Ireland
Matthew Jacob
Gayle D. and Frederic L. Jandrey
Marilyn K. Johnson and Ralph Van Dusseldorp
Janet F. and Russell L. Jones
Catherine Kelley and Dennis Grether
Kathy and Howard Kroehl
Kim and Peter Krog
Anne Lawrence
Gloria and James Lawrence
Barbara and George A. Long, III
The Lubin Foundation, Inc.
Maggie Magee
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mathis
Nancy and Gene McCullagh
Linda C. and Michael F. McNulty
Denise Meeks
Alexandra and Matthew H. Miller
Kianne and Thomas Mills
Mark Monson
Charlotte A. and Gene L. Moore
Shirley A. and William T. Moroney
Lois and Glen Mumey
Eve and Henry Ohlinger
Sally M. and Ben W. Perks
Sandra Um and Jonathan Pinkney
Rebecca L. Potter and Sterling J. Torrance
Sylvia Pozarnsky and Tom Riley
Sharon L. and Ron Quarles
Kay Ransdell and Nick Soloway
Nancy L. and John Rapp
Ann H. Redding
Winnie and Robert Roloson
Irene Bald Romano and David Gilman Romano
Cheri and Jon Romanoski
Bernadette and Joaquin Ruiz
Deborah J. and Marc S. Sandroff
Ronald F. Sassano
Suzanne L. Saxman and Peter M. Labadie
Carole and Mathuis J. Sedivec
Gale W. and Stephen A. Sherman
Mary J. and David Shorey
Darlene and Wayne Showalter
Shucker Charitable Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Lorna C. and Terrance L. Simonson
Kathy and Stewart Smith
Janet C. Spadora
Barbara A. Spelman and Mary Weinzirl
Petricia F. and Edward Steinhoff
Ginny Stewart
LeAnn and Jerry Stimson
Holly Swangstu
Gayle and John Swarbrick
H. Gregg Swihart
Raymond H. Taylor
Tucson Audubon Society
Robert J. Van Houten
Carolyn A. and Steven D. Van Nort
Angelo E. Vangos
Susan R. and Joe Vargas
Frances A. Walker
Noreen S. and Jon B. Wang
Martie A. and Albert L. Weber
Marion C. Weber
Stefanie Wells and Michael Groves

$250 - $499

Mary L. Thul and Stephen E. Adams
Melanie L. and Harris J. Amhowitz
Mikel and John W. Anderson
Anonymous (15)
Deborah and Richard Apling
Patricia Armstrong and David Burke
Jane and Bruce Ash
Jane R. Ashcraft
Joan L. and David J. Ashcraft
Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents
Karen and Charles Autrey
Colleen A. and Joseph A. Babcock
Jodi Bain and John Sundt
Virginia A. and Raymond C. Bargull
J. Greg Baron
Nicole and Earl Bartlett
Awshee Bator and Laurens Halsey
Wendy and Bob Beasley
Scott Beck
Sue and Dan Beckley
Christine and Eric Behling
Gillian and Bruce Bennett
Lollie Benz Plank
Holly Berryhill and R. Michael Cummins
Ogla and Michael K. Block
Felicia and Robert W. Bloom
Jeanine Bogedain and John D. Luft
Jennifer L. Boice and Mark S. Kimble
Teri and Gerard Boudreau
Suzanne W. and Robert R. Bowe
William R. Bowen
Gayle Bower
Sandra Brantley
Jeanne S. and Daniel J. Brees
Dellie and Bob Brell
Abraham Bressler
Sallee Britton
Rita Lippert Brueckner and Frank P. Brueckner
Phyllis A. Buchanan
Tom Buchanan and Robert Bell
Claudia and Dennis Burnett
Susan and Douglas Butler
Abraham R. and Bram Byrd
Daisy and Sal Cabibo
Diane Cain
Lorraine Callahan and Stephen Wampler
Ruth Tyna Callahan and Dimitri S. Voulgaropoulos
Carol and Ken Cantor
Mary Lou Carmody
Marilyn E. Carney
Kathleen Castaldi and Ronald Margolis
Daniel T. Cavanagh
Chandler Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Susan Esco Chandler and Alfred Chandler
Judy and Charlie Choate
S. Carlene and Byron R. Chrisman
Joan Clarke and Greg Eckert
Sandra and Robert D. Clingenpeel
Carole A. and Clifford W. Cornelius
Andrea and Harry J. Crane
Sally and Robert Crawford
John R. Cross
Donald E. Crowell
Gretta and Robert Cummings
Janna-Neen Cunningham (Jones)
Elizabeth Daniels
Fred Dardis
Cathy G. Davis
Erika and Colin Dawson
Philip J. De Amelia
Susan J. and Robert L. Delaney
Brent DeRaad
Fran and Roger Deshaies
Laurie DeVito
Gale and Tony Dick
William C. Dicks
Paul J. Dietrich
Aimee Stephen Doctoroff
Katherine and Julian Donahue
Kathryn and Charles Donaldson
Loretta Donato and Stewart Lunn
Florence L. and Donald A. Doran
Renee Downing and Edgar Dryden
Margaret Downs and Clyde Goldberg
Chris and Mike Dunlap
Jan and Michael Durham
C. Melody and John H. Edmondson
Diane and Mike Edwards
Joe Eigner
Lesley A. DeFalco and Todd C. Esque
Mr. Dan Fennerty
Deborah L. Finch
Shirley and Martel Firing
Kimberly Fitzpatrick and Frank Tomizuka
Anne and Staunton O. Flanders
Margaret and Richard E. Florence
Barbara and James M. Flynn
Sharon Foltz
Jim Foran
Elizabeth A. and James N. Fordemwalt
Diane Fordney
Barry W. Foster
Victoria Fowler
Louise M. and John A. Francesconi
Patricia and Joseph M. Frannea
Eleanor and Michael Fraser
Barry Freedman
Carolyn and Michael M. Friedl
Bonnie and Edward Frisch
Sharon and James Frye
Melissa Fulton
Rebecca and Jeremy Furrer
Andrea Teagure Gabbert and Howard M. Gabbert, II
Kathy and Michael O. Gagnon
Ursula and Robert Garrett
Sharon and Jerry Gartner
Dorothy P. Geis and Jennifer Strand
John George
Sandra E. and Eugene W. Gerner
Christine and Edward Giebel
Howard Glasser
Mary J. Goethals and Corky Poster
John K. and Aline L. Goodman Foundation
Laurie Goodman and Don Spetner
Julia Gordon and Mark Gordon
Joan L. and Larry D. Gossman
Stephany Mack and Michael J. Grassinger
Monica and Philip J. Gray
George G. Greenleaf
Patricia and David F. Griesel
Pamella Gronomeyer and Stephen Kriegh
Jennifer Gross
Ellen and Niechele Gurewitz
Lynn C. and Wilbur A. Haak
Margaret B. Hall
Susan and Shawn D. Halversen
Jean T. and Frank W. Hamilton
Lenore Hanauer
Katherine R. Harding
Karen L. and Douglas A. Hardy
Marguerite J. Harning and Robert J. Koppany
Bonnie K. and Michael E. Harris
Sherri L. and Keith L. Harris
Lynn and Donald R. Harrison
Gayle and William K. Hartmann
Cathy Harvey
Sara Hauert
Healy Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Elizabeth M. and E. Keith Hege
Lynda and Thomas S. Henderson
Carole A. and Kenneth J. Hendrickson
Marco Hernandez and Fernando Gonzalez
Dorothy L. Hess
Kay and Bowman Hinckley
Marie Hirsch
Robert S. and Winifred H. Hobron Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Linda F. and Mark C. Holbrook
Susan Holden and Doug Smith
Alisa and Phil Horn
Suzie and Todd Horst
Margaret Ann and William E. Horst
Sherril Howard and Tim Harrington
William J. Hunnebeck
Terry and Chris Hyer
Susan M. and Richard F. Imwalle
Jill H. and Michael P. Ives
Elisa and Robert Jacklitch
Carole E. and Richard G. Jacobson
Susan L. Jacobson and Kris Sharpe
Karen C. and Felipe Carlos Jacome
Alison and Buell Jannuzi
Barbara and Richard L. Jaquay
Martha and John Jarboe
Jarosz Family Fund at Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Candence L. Jennings and Anthony Mason
Marianne Jensen
Thomas C. Jensen
Jill M. Jollay
Karen E. and Charles W. Jonaitis
Marcia A. Jones and George Royer
Nina W. and Charles G. Judge
Mary Jo Keller
Mary Sawall and John Kelley
Kate Schulze-Kellman and Ray Kellman
Nina Kersels
Diane and John R. Kidd
Jane H. and Gerald A. King
Barbara C. and Jay S. Kittle
Kenneth A. Klauck
Asta C. and Edward P. Klohe
Robin and Michael Kloth
Peggy and Steve Knapp
Karen Knieriem and Sandra Sylvester
Amy Jean Knorr
Judy Koford and Joe Willis
Sandra Stover Kolasa and Richard P. Kolasa
Anne and Ron Koontz
Donna B. Kopec
Linda K. and Lawrence R. Kreis
Julie and David Kubitsky
Shari and Douglas Larson
Phillip Lattavo
Jason Lee
Judy and Michael Lefton
Cheryl Legan
Cindy and Harold Lewis
Gretchen and Pete Lewis
Lynne and Jim Lichtenstein
Patti and Roger Lightholder
Jean and Mal Linthwaite
Constance D. Lockwood
Arlene L. and Everett H. Lowman
Sandra S. and Alfred M. Luckau
Mark Luprecht
Kirsty P. MacCalman and Jill Hawkins
Madden Media
Christina and Danny E. Maddux
Debe and Robert Mahoney
Dianne Maki-Sethi and Ravi Sethi
Susan and Jay A. Mandell
Clarissa C. and Paul Marques
John G. Marshall
Nicola Marshall
Grace E. Martin
Loraine and Patrick Martin
Lucy R. Masterman and Carrie S. Dolen
Rosemarie and Neal Masters
Daniel G. Matlick
Paul Mayfield
Beverly H. and Frederick Maytag, III
Judy and Donald G. McClelland
Karen K. and William B. McCloskey
Savannah and Thomas McDonald
Rosita and E. James McFarlin
Vicky McGregor and Betty Rietmann
Marge and Jim McKain
Michal A. McKenzie and Pat Youngdahl
Donna and Steve R. McKinnis
Delos D. McKnight
Katherine B. and Gary McPherson
Ruth and Tom Meehl
Sabina and Ravi Mian
Laura Mikuta and Mark Williams
Heidi and Thomas Miller
Elizabeth Miller and Robert Mougrew
Joyanne B. Mills
Michelle B. and Joseph M. Millstone
Jessica and Roger Milner
Helene and Fred S. Mittleman
Elizabeth J. Mock
Monday Docents
Carol Monroe
Lynn Mooney and Paula Noel
Frances W. Moore
Wendy Moore and Richard C. Brusca
Dorothy L. Mundt
Bret Muter
Donna and Fred Nagel
Dutch Nagle
Sally Navran
William Neal
Susan Neely
Becky and Mike Nelson
Carla and Fritz Neuhauser
Phyllis Newton
Sarah Nolen
Sandra Keep Notz and Edward U. Notz
Helen Lee O'Brien
Carmen and Bill Oberg
Helen E. and Frans Officer
Stanley Paul Oliver
Betty K. Ord
Noel N. Ortiz
Diana L. and Sara Ossana
Claudette and Roger Ottman
Sandra J. Owen-Joyce and Richard R. Joyce
Dorothea Paglianti
Jean Paine
Mary and David Parnell
Diane and John Patience
Bonnie and William Patient
Patti Payne and Fred Farsjo
Brenda J. and Don Pearson
Regina and Jay Peskoe
Kelly and Kurt Peterson
Laura and Thomas W. Pew, Jr.
Richard Pierce
Andria and James Plonka
Nancy Polster
Christina P. and Stanley P. Ponczek
Beth Porter and John A. Tidwell
Susan L. Prust
Jennifer and Charles Putney
Laurinda Queen Burleson
Rhonda Quick
Stephen E. Quinlan
Therese M. and Mohammad Z. Qureshi
Elizabeth and John C. Racy
George Radda
Sarah Ramey and Nathaniel Smith
Walter Ranks
Kimberly R. and John G. Raymond, IV
Becky and Norman E. Rebenstorf
Jane and Timothy J. Reckart
Holly F. and Wayne E. Redmond
Stephanie Reininger
Etta and Steven J. Rhynard
Lynn Rice
Susan and John Rice
Mary J. and Stephen B. Riley
Ruth Rivkind and Sheldon Guttman
Ellen L. Ristow
Robert R. Ritchey
Thomas Roberts
Susan E. and Richard T. Rodgers
Patrick Rogers
Nannon and John Roosa
Stephanie and Stephen Rosenberg
Jill and Herschel Rosenzweig
Kay Rudek
Dorothy and Stanley J. Russell
Eliza Sanchez and Clifford Pelton
Diana and Mike Sanderson
Marie and Reynolds Saunders
Allene and Robert H. Sayre
Margaret H. Schadler
Anne and Timothy Schaffner
Catherine and Scott Schladweiler
Jennifer Teufel Schoenberger and Max Schoenberger
Barbara and Michael Schoenhals
Eric A. Schwartz
Joan E. Scott and William F. Broyles
Ingeborg B. and Donald B. Senuta
Yolanda and Gofi Sethi
Jacqueline M. and Edward E. Severson
Meghan and Robert E. Shannon
Melissa Siegel
Alice Min Simpkins and David Simpkins
Steve Sinclair
Margaret A. and Mark P. Sitter
Jane and Hugh A. Smith
Leila and Lowry Smith, Jr
Mary Hoover Smith and Vaughn Smith
Nancy A. Smith
Lois K. and Lowell S. Sorenson
Linnet D. and Robert E. Spangler
Judy and Richard Speers
Shirley S. and Joe V. Spitler
Mary Anne and Bill Springer
Karen and Jeff States
Nancy and Joseph R. Statkevicus
Kristen Steck
Jacob Stephens
Paulette B. Stewart
Mary Stofflet
G. Marie Swanson
Andy Swarthout
Carol and James Swiggett
Barbara L. and Frank X. Taylor
Nathalie and Cameron Taylor
Kit and Tyrone Thayer
Susan and Glyn Thickett
Marcia A. Thomas
Allyn H. and Hugh C. Thompson, III
Susan and Stephen Thompson
Betty Thomsen-Dinius and Michael Dinius
Susan and William C. Thornton
Sharon Thrall
Marsha and Robert Tindell
Pam and Ken Tracey
Donald J. Trawicki
Diane and Dale D. Tretschok
Tucson Gem and Mineral Society, Inc.
Linda M. Turner
Lesley and Curtis Tyler
Angela Urbon-Bonine and Kevin E. Bonine
Renee Starnes Unwin and Gregg Unwin
Carrea Uremovich
Roger Vanderpool
Lucinda Smedley and Brent VanKoevering
Kathy Vega and Jarrell Wicker
Linda and John Verbiscar
Emily N. Vincent
Leslie Vinson and Felicia Wallace
Anne and Robert Volz
Karen Wadman
John E. Wahl
Dena M. and Kevin L. Wakefield
Patricia and Frank B. Walsh
Linda Walsh
Ali Waples
Jane E. and Robert Washburn
Jeanette Wendt and Reuben Hill
Jan and Jeff Whipple
Peter White
Margaret B. and Douglas E. Williams
LaWanda Winningham and Chris Collopy
Wendy and Dave Wise
Gina and Russ Wittkop
Sidney C. and Richard J. Wolff
Barbara and Scott Wood
William H. Woodin
Ann and Hugh Woodin
James M. Woolfenden
Melissa and Matthew Wright
Carolyn F. and Samuel C. Yocum
Jean L. and Larry S. Young

If you gave $250 or more between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017, we have made every effort to include your name and list it correctly. If we made a mistake or inadvertently failed to include your name, please contact Lynnae Wenker at 520-883-3005 or lwenker@desertmuseum.org. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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“During our first visit to the Desert Museum in 1994 we agreed it was the best full spectrum natural history experience we'd ever had - and right here in our own backyard!
We've supported the Museum annually since then and encourage friends and business associates to do the same.”
--Jerry Weinert
& Marni Dittmar