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Coati Club - Just for Kids!

The Coati Kids Club is a unique family membership with programs for children ages 6-12 and their favorite adults. Share your love of the Desert Museum with a special child in your life and receive these great benefits:

  • Free admission for child members all year long (adults are always free at all Coati Kids Club events)
  • 8 special events for club members and accompanying adults throughout the year (check out our Coati Club Events!)
  • A club stainless steel water bottle and a "Let’s Explore the Desert Family Go Guide" to help you discover the desert
  • Exciting updates, activities, and stories on our website.

All this for only $30 (Museum members) or $65 (non-Museum members.) Memberships are good for the calendar year, from January to January.

Curious Coati face
© 2007 Paul Berquist

Why the Coati Club?

The Coati (co-AH-tee) is a relative of the raccoon with a long nose, masked face, and a striped tail. Coatis are curious and energetic, just like kids!

Grown-ups, please fill out this form:

New Membership/Renewals (Desert Museum members) $30.00
New Membership/Renewals Sibling (Desert Museum members) $25.00
New Membership/Renewals (non-Desert Museum members) $65.00 (Become a member now and save!)
New Membership/Renewals Sibling (non-Desert Museum members) $60.00 (Become a member now and save!)

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(2020 Renewal Gift: Venomous Critters of the Southwest GetGo Guide by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press)

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