Coati Kids Club: Something Fun for Everyone!

The Coati Kids Club is a unique family membership with programs for children ages 6-12 and their favorite adults. Children get to explore the Desert Museum all year long and receive these benefits:

Water bottle, go guide and membership card

*Except for our regularly scheduled Coati Kids Club events, all other visits to the Museum are by advanced reservation only at this time. To reserve a visit on non-event days, contact Guest Services at 520-883-1380, or if you have a regular museum membership, reserve online

Coati Kids Club Memberships are good for the 2021 calendar year and begin in January.

Curious Coati face
© 2007 Paul Berquist

Why the Coati Club?

The Coati (co-AH-tee) is a relative of the raccoon with a long nose, masked face, and a striped tail. Coatis are curious and energetic, just like kids!

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New Membership/Renewals (Desert Museum members) $50.00
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New Membership/Renewals (non-Desert Museum members) $95.00 (Become a member now and save!)
New Membership/Renewals Sibling (non-Desert Museum members) $90.00 (Become a member now and save!)

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(2021 Renewal Gift: Lizards of the Southwest GetGo Guide by the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press)

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Special addition - Coati Kids Club t-shirts for only $5! Stocks are limited so order yours today!

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