Grades 3-5 - Teacher Information Packet

Table of Contents

The following are pdf files.Viewing them requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.

  1. Introduction (86 KB download)
    Arizona Academic Standards Correlation
  2. Pre-visit Information (183 KB download)
    The Sonoran Desert: background information
    Suggested Resources
  3. The Sonoran Desert (206 KB download)
    The Sonoran Desert- handout
    Sonoran Desert Map - handout
  4. School Grounds Observations (86 KB download)
  5. The Giant Saguaro (220 KB download)
    The Giant Saguaro - handout
    Saguaro Scramble - handout
  6. Leaping Lizards (166 KB download)
    Leaping Lizards- handout
    Lizard Temperatures - handout
  7. Kangaroo Rat (160 KB download)
    Kangaroo Rat - handout
    Kangaroo Rat Puzzle- handout
  8. Back to the Past - handout (155 KB download)
  9. Protecting the Sonoran Desert - handout (236 KB download)
  10. Post-Visit Activities (111 KB download)
    Review Answers to Explorer's Guide
    Sonoran Desert Region Scramble
    Name Game
    Creative Writing and Play
    Animal Reports and Dioramas
    Flannel/Velcro Board
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