Kindergarten - 2nd grade Explorer's Guide

Table of Contents

The following are pdf files.Viewing them requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.

  1. Teacher/Chaperone Information (119 KB download)
  2. Reptiles and Invertebrates, Earth Sciences Cave (113 KB downloand)
  3. Mountain Woodland (110 KB download)
    Mountain Lion
    Black Bear
  4. Desert Grassland (93 KB download)
    Mixed Grassland Animal Exhibits
    Prairie Dogs
    Mammoth Kill Site
  5. Cat Canyon, Birds (112 KB download)
    Cats, Ocelot
    Vultures, Hawks, Owls
  6. Riparian Corridor (110 KB download)
    Coatis, Aquatic Arthropods, River Otters
  7. Desert Tortoises, Desert Detectives (111 KB download)
  8. Desert Loop Trail ( 106 KB download)
    Lizard Enclosure
  9. School Group Map (165 KB download)
  10. Student Scavenger Hunt Handout (262 KB download)
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