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Catapiller, flower and bird

In-Kind Gifts

The total value of in-kind gifts this year is $171,950

Mrs. Marian K. Agnew
Mr. Dale Armstrong
Mr. Mark T. Bahti & Ms. Emmi Whitehorse
Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Baldwin
Mrs. Jeanne S. Broome
Mr. Dan Caudle
Mr. David D. Crowley
Ms. Maureen Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Daugherty
Ms. Jessica Dolan
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Douglass
Mr. Stan Ebenshade
Mr. Robert J. Edison & Mr. John E. Jarvise
Ms. Marla Endicott & Ms. Merry Bowman
Ms. Patricia Engels & Mr. Richard H. Medland
Mr. Stan Espenshade
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Ewing
Dick Fagan & Leonie Fagan
Ms. Susan T. Fisher & Ms. Ronda Ballard
Ms. Teresita M. Flores
Mr. Ron Gibbs
Mr. Raymond Gish
Ms. Leslie Glaze
Ms. Kathy A. Goepfert
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Goldberg
Ms. Ana Laura Gonzalez
Mr. Allan M. Gordon
Mr. Carl Hetzler
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holcombe
Mr. Hervey A. Hotchkiss
Mr. Roy Irving
Mr. Steve Juhan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Knierim
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Lackow
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Lerner
Mr. John K. Leydon
Ms. Janet Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Lomicka
Mr. Frank Madrigal
Ms. Shannan K. Marty & Mr. Christopher Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Matt
Mr. Richard Maxwell
Mr. Jim McGlasson
Mr. Gary A. Moeller & Mr. John Moeller
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Moss
Col. and Mrs. Michael H. Mount
Mr. John H. Mullin & Ms. Susan Ahlquist
Patricia Packard & Joel Fowler
Dr. Vera Pavlakovich-Kochi & Ms. Iva Valentino
Mr. Richard Pawlowski
Mr. William A. Peckat Jr.
Mr. Eric Perkins & Mr. James Leavens
Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Pifer
Ms. R. Cynthia Pruett
Mrs. Stacie Bednarz
Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Reiners
Ms. Janet N. Reue
Ms. Pilar A. Rinky & Mr. Patrick Mattson
Mrs. and Mr. Helen L. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Robson
Mr. Joe A. Ruiz & Mr. Jim McGlasson
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Sandifer
Mr. Rocco Santangelo & Ms. Theresa Hersh
Mr. and Ms. Michael Maurer
Mrs. Bonnie Scott
Mrs. Hannah S. Searcy
Mr. Robert Shantz
Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Solsky
Mr. Fred Steiniger
Mr. George Stevens
Mr. Charles S. Thompson
Ms. Carrea Uremovich
Ms. Elise Ward & Ms. Judi Willson
Mr. Chuck Wilson
Ms. Jean Windmiller & Mr. Paul Jehle
Ms. Barbara Wisot
Ms. Sylvia Woodfin
Ms. Cree Zischke & Mr. Bruce Sells
Arid Zone Trees
ASARCO Mission Complex
Autosports, Inc.
Cox Communications
D&B Family Trust
Dharma Designs
Eegee's, inc.
Microsoft Philantrhopies
Pastiche Modern Eatery
Pima County
Steinway Piano Gallery Tucson
Trader Joe's
Tucson Gem & Mineral Society, Inc.
Whole Foods Market

For additional information contact Dave Eshbaugh, Director of Philanthropy, 520-883-3039,
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