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Community Outreach - Event Booth Presentations

Meet our animals up close at an event, reception, or festival. Hands-on exploration of artifacts is interspersed with live animal interpretations. (Depends on suitability of environment for live animals.)

In an event booth demonstration, Desert Museum staff will stand in one area with the animals, and your participants can come up for a closer look and to ask questions or share conversation.

Possible animals are:

We cannot guarantee particular species, but we will bring a variety of animals, and do our best to honor any special requests. Please put these in the notes field on the reservation form.


Please provide a 6 foot table for each animal handler to stand behind.


$550One educator with three animals to be shown in sequence
for up to two hours
$950Two educators with six animals to be shown two at a time
for up to two hours

Travel Fees for distances 50 miles and over one-way:

50-100 miles $250
100-150 miles $360
150+ miles $360 plus $1.60/mile each mile over 150 plus lodging

Outreach Programming is limited to Pima, Santa Cruz, Pinal, Cochise and Graham Counties. Overnight accommodation charges may be required, depending on travel time and the duration of programming.

Reservations require a 30-day minimum advance notice. Availability hours are 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

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