Desert MuZoom to You!

Want to party with a parrot or chat with a chuckwalla? Well now you can! Bring the Desert MuZoom to your next birthday party, team meeting, or virtual gathering! Spice up any webinar with an animal appearance. Don’t forget to unmute — it’ll be a hoot!

Live Animals:

Photo of Luca the Military Macaw

Meet a Macaw

Luca the Military Macaw, a Desert Museum celebrity, wants to virtually meet his adoring fans. Learn about parrots, their adaptations and have a conversation about wildlife conservation.

Price: $200

Photo of Rue the Porcupine

Wine and …Pine?

Let Rue, our resident North American Porcupine, turn your idea of a lunch date upside down. Learn all about this remarkable rodent and why she’s just fine with skipping the hairdressers, too!

Price: $200

Photo of Night the Barn Owl

Owl See You Zoom!

An owl is sure to turn heads in your next virtual gathering — even if it’s during the day. Whoooo on your team needs a reminder that you can make a statement — without making a sound?

Price: $150

Photo of a snake

SSShare a Screen with a Serpent

A non venomous sssnake can be the ssstar of any online appearance and can be a refreshing change of pace for your next monthly meeting. Just remember it can’t use the ‘raise hand’ function!

Price: $150

Photo of Wilma the Chuckwalla

Chat with a Chuckwalla

Wilma, the star of webinars, loves to show her scaly side, her cold-blooded side, and her side eye. This lounge lizard is an ambassador for isolated species everywhere. Let her help your team through quarantine.

Price: $150

Photo of a Saguaro

Distract Us with a Cactus

Invite a soothing saguaro to your screen. Enjoy its botanical behavior, its spiky fortitude, and ability to grow through tough times. To be clear, a plant will join your meeting. Yes, really.

Price: $100

Time slots:

Tuesday - Friday
8:30 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m.

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