Games and other Resources

Plant and Animal Fact Pages

An extensive collection of fact sheets covering animals and plants commonly encountered in the Sonoran Desert.

Sonoran Desert Seek and Find

In our Sonoran Desert Seek and Find you can choose to find information about nocturnal or diurnal animals. You can also learn about some of the very special plants that live in this area.

The Amazing Sonoran Desert

Print out and color this mini graphic novel about the diversity of life in the Sonoran Desert, written and illustrated by a local Tucson high school student.

Desert Adaptations Game

Adaptations are features of plants and animals that help them survive in their environment. Desert environments are dry, so plants and animals that live here need special adaptations to get and save water.

Desert Zoodoku

Play a variation on the popular 'Sudoku' game with desert species.

Food Webs Game

Learn about the different categories that describe the eating habits of various desert animals — scavengers, carnivores, omnivores and more.

Desert Questions and Answers

Learn the answers to everything you ever wondered about the Sonoran Desert.


See past virtual programs, and admire a variety of animal and desert scenery videos from the Museum's Facebook feed.

The Urban Buzz, Pollination in the City

A Zine by Jazmyn Winzer, Doris Duke Summer Intern
Information about pollinators for kids and parents, including activities to do at home or in the park and scientist interviews.

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