Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2023


1st Place: Ivy Luce, Bobcat
2nd Place (tied): Isla Ingegneri, I Love the Cactuses
2nd Place (tied): Kaidence Elliott, Snake
3rd Place: Aubrey Cunningham, Coyote

Grade 1

1st Place: Levi Gerdes, Desert
2nd Place: Kenzo McCormack, Living in the Desert
3rd Place: Claire Moloney, Nature's Eye
HM: Zoe I Bell, Rain
HM: Nolan Miller, Rain
HM: Eleonora Domin, The Dragonfly
HM: Emily Dunaway, I love Arizona
HM: Claire Crosby, Desert Poem
HM: Ellie Charters, Nature Outside
HM: Callie Pahl, Stars
HM: Beckett Reisdorf, Bobcat
HM: Adison Yeoman, The Sand
HM: Mateo Weatherbie, Saguaro
HM: Greta Nelson, Desert
HM: Juniper Obedoza, Cacti

Grade 2

1st Place and (Overall Winner Gr. K-3): Isabella Meza, The Desert
2nd Place: Brekken Wilkins, Be a Saguaro
3rd Place (tied): Isabella Campa, Saguaro
3rd Place (tied): Evangeline Lollar, In The Desert
HM: Ariani Williams, Desert Avenue
HM: Charlie Willard Nolan, Haiku - the Pond
HM: Carter Mosier, Mountain Lion
HM: Dominic Russell, Mountain
HM: Maximus Gil, Snowy Day in the Desert
HM: Klayton Maskey, Cactus Wren
HM: Piper Terry, River
HM: Jace White, The dessrt
HM: Dean Levin, The Deer
HM: Amaya Reyes, Snowy Day in the Desert
HM: Hazel Jablonski, Desert Poem
HM: Callie Wilson, Summer

Grade 3

1st Place: Averie Mis-Leemon, A Day in the Sonoran Desert
2nd Place: Maya Garcia, Sonoran Desert
3rd Place (tied): Enakai Makino, Desert sunset
3rd Place (tied): William Jabo, Sunset
3rd Place (tied): Karina Swanson, In The Dusrt
HM: Logan Black, Saguaro
HM: Charlie Selger, Nature's 5 Senses
HM: Colette Pumphrey, Cactus
HM: Jacob Haspert, The Stunning Saguaro
HM: Charlotte Jonson, Desert Nature
HM: Aveneesh Adhikari, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Atticus Sharp, Desert Ranch
HM: Trinity Williams, The Desert Rain
HM: David Heraldez, My Life Blooming Around Me
HM: Isabella Martinez, The Sunset
HM: Jaden Valdez, The Mountain
HM: Mila Quintero, The Sonoran sun
HM: Lili Cocio, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Jack Womack, Desert Heat - Haiku
HM: Justin Rose, Snake
HM: Nicholas Arnold Garcia, Rain in the Desert
HM: Davina Davis, Rain in the Desert
HM: Perry Ha, Sonoran Desert

Grade 4

1st Place: Brielle Calhoun, Desert Life
2nd Place: Tegan Kwan-Daly, Waterways of Life
3rd Place: Kassidy De Bake, My Home
HM: Jakob Salcinovic, Saguaros
HM: Ariel Tseng, Desert Night
HM: Elise Rooney, The desert truth.
HM: Taryn Payne, The Walk
HM: Kemora-kay Carter, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Ksenia Itzel Montano, Water + Wildlife
HM: Angelique Duran, Saguaro
HM: Orion Hewitt, The Saguaro
HM: Jackson Parker, Sonoran naturality
HM: Alexia R. Castro, The Home of Desert Hikes
HM: Everett Burke, Sonoran sunset

Grade 5

1st Place and Overall Winner for Grades 4-6: Orion Hallmark, The Desert Party
2nd Place (tied): Isaac Young, Desert's Mighty Knights
2nd Place (tied): Grace A Chen
3rd Place: Carleigh Shepherd, Dusk to Dawn
HM: Leroy Anderson, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Daniel Delgado, Sly Snake
HM: Lily Asher, Nighttime in the Desert
HM: Sofia Diaz, Coyote
HM: Emily Randell, Hummingbirds
HM: Lexie Ollerton, Desert Music
HM: Kingston Hood, The Desert of Saguaros
HM: Kenzie Maskey, Bobcat
HM: Scott McGinnis, Coyotes of the Sonoran Desert
HM: Janae Hatch, The beauty of the sonoran
HM: Andre Hernandez Monserrat, Sonoran Landscape
HM: Cartier delacruz, Sonoran Desert
HM: Katelynn Yturralde, The Great Dessert

Grade 6

1st Place (tied): Lynneah Maskey, Snow Day
1st Place (tied): Noah Gibbons, Desert Haiku
2nd Place: Noellie Owens, Desert Haiku
3rd Place: Robert Blondeaux, Javelina Haiku
HM: Pedro Peña, Sonoran Desert
HM: Maddox Schmidt, Sonoran Desert
HM: Jacob Giles, CACTI
HM: Brayden Magnuson, The Coyotes Play

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