Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2020


1st Place: Jolene Day, Gecko
2nd Place: Charles Flaminio, Who Am I
3rd Place: Everett Lane, Coyote
HM: Klayton Maskey, Flutters in the Desert
HM: Chloe Baker, The Desert Rabbit
HM: Ivy Schooley, Sun Shining

Grade 1

1st Place: Zahra Rafiyath, The Desert is Watching Me
2nd Place: Willow LaFontain, The Woodpecker
3rd Place: Ava Honeycutt, Sabino Canyon Rattlesnake
HM: Giuliana Rose Champagne, The Desert Land
HM: Bennett Valencia, Desert Mountain
HM: Kiran Hobson, The Packrat
HM: Taryn Payne, The Fox
HM: Olivia Brooks, Rain
HM: Kensley Festerling, Desert Flowers

Grade 2

1st Place (tied Overall Winner for Grades K-3): Amelia Wittmer, The Desert
1st Place (tied Overall Winner for Grades K-3): Charlotte Bellacose, Butterfly
1st Place (tied Overall Winner for Grades K-3): Emily Davis, Coyote in the Desert
2nd Place (tied): Reed Hallum, Our Beautiful Desert
2nd Place (tied): Isaac Cook, Two Tail Swallowtail Butterfly (The State Butterfly of Arizona!)
3rd Place (tied): Margie Mendez, Mountain
3rd Place (tied): Margie Mendez, Rattlesnake
3rd Place (tied): Audrey Paradise, The Ground Squirrel
HM: Margaret Almond, The Sunset
HM: Olivia Wilson, Desert Cactus
HM: Sofia Diaz, Rainbow
HM: Lauryn Carmona, At night
HM: Mirea A Diaz, Desert Rain
HM: Denise Poliseo, The desert day
HM: Gia Cento, The King
HM: Kenzie Maskey, Skitter Skitter Little Lizard!
HM: Arlette Garcia, Desert Rain

Grade 3

1st Place: Sophia Darby, The Saguaro Seed
2nd Place: Theodore Andropoulos, The Long Hike
3rd Place (tied): Venezia Lopez, Night Time in the Desert
3rd Place (tied): Naia Rivas-Mojica, Our Beautiful Desert
3rd Place (tied): Mason Parag, If I were a Rattlesnake
3rd Place (tied): Luca McGill, The Desert
HM: GuGu York, If I Was an Ocelot
HM: Cameron Bowman, The Desert
HM: Ryan Hiddema, My Time in the Desert
HM: Noah Munger, Walking in Sabino
HM: Ryer Dixon, Desert Tortoise
HM: Lynneah Maskey, The Flower
HM: Giavani Saiz, Desert Rattlesnake
HM: Tanner Scott Welch, Slithery Serpents
HM: Pedro Peña, A coyote’s howl

Grade 4

1st Place: Abbryana Martinez, Chiltepins
2nd Place (tied): Priya Hobson, Life of a Tortoise
2nd Place (tied): Emily Decker, Fall in the Sonoran Forest
3rd Place (tied): Sujan Maharjan, Barrel Cactus
3rd Place (tied): Rachel Serlin, Agave
HM: Hazel Tarver-Wahlquist, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Oliver Armenta, Snake
HM: Mia Hudson, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Rilley Deyo, The Panther
HM: Joey Soto, Rattlesnake
HM: Chevelle Baker, The Wolf
HM: Lorelei Swanson, The Beautiful Sonoran
HM: Blanca Garcia, Cacti
HM: Logan Howard, The Sea of Cortez
HM: Luci McKisson, Tucson is my Home
HM: Izzy Ramirez-Neilson, untitled
HM: Evan Mendez, The Amazing Desert

Grade 5

1st Place, Overall Winner for Grades 4-6: Lucy Mayberry, My Hourglass Heart
2nd Place: Carlos Thomack, Desert Sunset
3rd Place (tied): Xander Woodworth, The Falcon
3rd Place (tied): Kendall Matchett, The Call of the Rattler
HM: Laszlo Thomas, Thorny Guitar
HM: Aubrey Cook, Trash on the Trail
HM: Juan Armstrong, Rain in the Desert
HM: Louisa Macias, My Home
HM: Alice Vinal, The Song of the Desert
HM: Nariah Whittom, Rain in the Desert
HM: Melia Alanis, Desert Moon
HM: October Keliipuleole, Elf Owl
HM: Clancy Williams, Quail
HM: Circe Meacham, Who Am I?
HM: Audrey Jerezano, Rain
HM: Matheo Richman, Saguaros in the Sunset
HM: Margaret Montagnini, Collared Lizards
HM: Evannie Flores, Life on the Desert
HM: Angela Valenzuela, The Marvelous Desert
HM: Cristian Ruiz Galvan, A Lizard’s Home
HM: Wade Olsson, untitled
HM: Aracely Anguamea, The Desert Scenes
HM: Jose Longoria, The Wonderful Desert

Grade 6

1st Place: Benjamin Baker, untitled
2nd Place (tied): Aleena Rafiyath, A Beautiful Home to Many
2nd Place (tied): Kate Oslund, Desert Life
3rd Place: Sonali Hobson, Icicles
HM: Mersayiz Moore, Desert
HM: Elias Erroa, Mountain Lion
HM: Finn McGill, The Desert
HM: Nayeli Walston, Sunset

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