Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2019


1st (tied): Zahra Rafiyath, untitled
1st (tied): Kiran Hobson, Hummingbirds
2nd: Nekoda Tibbitts, Desert Riddle
3rd: Orion Hewitt, Tarantula Acrostic Poem
HM: Emmit Budz, Desert Riddle
HM: Avery Bruntmyer, Coyote Haiku
HM: Angelique Duran, Desert Riddle
HM: Lexi Hewitt, Flowers acrostic poem
HM: Madison Elliot, Saguaro Cactus Haiku

Grade 1

1st: Ana Olivas, Kangaroo Rats
2nd (tied): Marjorie Mendez, Grass
2nd (tied): Sofia Diaz, Flowers Acrostic Poem
3rd (tied): Kellen Irwin, Birds Fly
3rd (tied): Sarina Harris, Cactus
HM: Kenzie Maskey, Little Snake
HM: Myka Mirock, Water Acrostic Poem
HM: Brianna Rivera, Spickey Cactus
HM: Ava Pepe, I am the Desert
HM: Daniel Delgado, Snake
HM: Charles Salvestrini, Desert Haiku

Grade 2

1st: Minnie Phares, The Sunset
1st: Lynneah Maskey, If I Was A Saguaro
2nd: Amaiyah Castillo, The Night in the Desert
3rd (tied): Emmit Williams, Desert
3rd (tied): Presley Ward, Sunset
HM: Lucas Simpson, My Home
HM: Abby Russell, Sonoran Desert
HM: Ambrose Spencer-Cook, What Snakes Like to Do
HM: Lilly Flaminio, Tortoise
HM: Ella Harden, Desert Animals
HM: Malakai Sifuentes, Rain
HM: Laura Weinzinger, Howl Coyote, Howl!
HM: Ricardo Hanrahan, Sonoran Desert

Grade 3

1st (Overall Winner for grades K-3): Priya Hobson, Hummingbird
2nd: Chevelle Baker, A Desert Snake
3rd (tied): Raquel Elrod, Sunset in the Sonoran Desert
3rd (tied): Arabella Johnson, Morning Haiku
HM: Cambry Tolbert, Hummingbird Cinquain Poem
HM: Emily Decker, White Tailed Deer
HM: Jolene Otero, Desert Animals
HM: Chloe Felix, Coyote
HM: Katelyn Alldredge, Desert Tortoises
HM: June Blatchford, The Side of the Catalina Mountains
HM: Isabel Berg, Night Sky
HM: Lucilia McKisson, The song of the desert
HM: Hannah E. Renner, Sunset
HM: Gabian Leal, The Desert

Grade 4

1st: Lucy Mayberry, Cactus Dance
2nd (tied): Unique Linton, Late One Winter Night
2nd (tied): Annasten North, Rainy Summer Days
3rd: Jacob Kellman, untitled
HM: Xander Woodworth, The Owl
HM: Max Elliott, The Great horned owl
HM: Zoe Brown, Ringtail
HM: Natalie Westmoreland, Nighttime Desert
HM: Brookelynn Hall, The Desert Tortoise
HM: Libbie Wilson, The Desert View
HM: Harrison Polk, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Felicia Delarosa, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Luis Andrade, Desert Biome Poem
HM: Laszlo Thomas, Midnight Desert
HM: Olivia Emery, Night Shining

Grade 5

1st (tied and Overall Winner for grades 4-6): Jezekiel Gonzalez, Snow-capped Cactus
1st (tied): Sonali Hobson, Wildflower
2nd: Lila Fayme Meinecke, The Desert’s Song
3rd (tied): Geneva Casertano, Desert Sky
3rd (tied): Liam Phillips, City in the Mountain
HM: Abigail Deyo, I Call the Desert Home
HM: Annalie Early Clark, Monsoons
HM: Rocco Bove, Together
HM: Benjamin Fausto Peña, Flowers
HM: Aleena Rafiyath, untitled
HM: Lydia Reimen, Saguaro Cactus
HM: Alyana Bosley, Leaving Arizona
HM: Mercedez Freerksen, The Mighty Coyote
HM: Nevaeh Douglas, The Coyote
HM: Justin Briggs, Desert Walk
HM: Camila Hernandez, A Hawk
HM: Elysia Pinedo, Wild Flower
HM: Ethan Amador, Our Unique Desert
HM: Garrett Westbrook, Arizona the Green!

Grade 6

1st (tied): Julia Yellott, a Kyrielle
1st (tied): Penelope Mayberry, Desert Night
2nd: Kaylah King, Sunsets
3rd (tied): Leif Terre, A Desert Day
3rd (tied): Quinlan Smith, Ode to a Birch Tree
HM: Noellie Fontes, Desert Delight
HM: Thomas Kjolsrud, Desert Landscape
HM: Jordan Etchart, Saguaro Central
HM: Nate Bersbach, The Wonders of the Desert

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