Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2017


1st (tied): (Overall Winner): Juaquin Anzinger, Rain
1st (tied): Urijah Clinkingbeard, I Need to do Work in the Desert, But I Don’t
2nd: Ellianna Norlin, Fantastic Desert
3rd: Abigail Russell, Everything in the Desert is Pretty
HM: Gianna Ochoa, Sneaky Poem - Owl
HM: Mason Brewer, Sneaky Poem - Roadrunner
HM: Lucca Rivera, Sneaky Poem - Roadrunner
HM: Jose Serino, All About the Sonoran Desert

Grade 1

1st: Kiley Balonier, Horney Toad
2nd: Luci McKisson, The Desert
3rd: Angelina Zambrano, Rain
HM: Gabriel Barrientos, Rain
HM: Noa Turk, Jumping Cats
HM: Gabriel Barba, Javelinas
HM: Rebecca Hirabayashi, Rain
HM: Majuma Dumwe, The Sun is Hot
HM: Claribel Ledezma, Desert of Colors
HM: Kautianna Kellersman, The Life of the Desert
HM: Dai'vion Payne, Eagle
HM: Hannah Gonzalez, Lightning

Grade 2

1st: Kaylee Maynard, I Hear the Thunderstorm, I See the Red Hawk Eyes
2nd (tied): Lincoln Maskey, Running Lizard
2nd (tied): Garrett Fry, Thunder Storms
2nd (tied): Salat Dumwe, The Amazing Desert
3rd (tied): Chase Narcho, Rain in the Desert
3rd (tied): Kendall Matchett, Magnificent Rattlesnake
HM: Cecilia Robles, Rain
HM: Xander Woodworth, Desert
HM: Christiana Brown, The Roadrunner
HM: Evannie Flores, Desert Sunsets
HM: Luke Mayer, Sonoran Desert
HM: Brooke Byars, The Desert
HM: Bobby Peters, Fox
HM: James Hinton, Amazing Spiders that Live in Webs

Grade 3

1st (tied): Adelina Balonier, Gila Monster
1st (tied): Aryana Clinkingbeard, A Thorny Problem
2nd: Adrienne Murdock, Desert Morning
3rd (tied): Sonali Hobson, Hummingbird
3rd (tied): Preston Stiehr, Scorching Sun
HM: Connor Buschmann, Coyote
HM: Bella Gooch, Sabino Canyon Sunsets
HM: Kate Oslund, Pretty Roadrunners
HM: Damon Smith, Thunderstorm
HM: Blake Broyles, Bobcat
HM: Cindy Nunez, Manzo Garden
HM: Maya Barnes, The River
HM: Zion Miller, Mesquite
HM: Chris Rathstone, Gila Monster

Grade 4

1st (Overall Winner, tied): Amelia North, Elf Owl
2nd (tied): Mikaela Milczarek, Life of the Desert
2nd (tied): Solomon Clinkingbeard, Out the Window
3rd (tied): Eliyah Flores, In the Dark, In the Night
3rd (tied): Julia Yellot, The Saguaro Survivor
HM: Reyna Marshall, Sonoran Desert Poem
HM: Clara Stark, White Evening Primrose
HM: Sophia Kennett, Animal, Animal, Can You Answer Me?
HM: Samantha Therrell, Anna’s Hummingbird
HM: Leif Terre, A Wintry Desert Walk
HM: Zachary Wortman, The Wonders of the Desert
HM: Xzavier Dallman, The Collared Lizard
HM: Maya Dillon, To the Moth of Light
HM: Anea Norris, The Cactus
HM: Kaylah King, Wild Horses
HM: Evelyn Jones, Desert Life

Grade 5

1st (tied): Nathan Arguelles, The Tarantula Rap
1st (tied): Kendall Scott, Questions
2nd: Connor Moore, Desert
3rd (tied): Zoe Jane Peterson
3rd (tied): Alina Trushell
3rd (tied): Nathan Roy, The Coyote’s Day
HM: Avery Bennon, Roadrunner Haiku
HM: Rene Jakimowich, Cacti
HM: Kyle Rush, The Submarine of the Desert
HM: Amara Strange, Desert Rain
HM: Hannah Germanos, Bobcat Buffet
HM: Samantha Acuña, Rain
HM: Eva Ramirez, The Desert
HM: Ava Boxley, Owl
HM: Miah Mendivil, Our Loving Home Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Grade 6

1st (Overall Winner, Tied): Maia Stark, The Owl’s Song
2nd (tied): Tierra DeMont, The Crack
2nd (tied): Julia Keefer, Beneath Desert’s Moon
3rd (tied): Lucius Casertano, A Wildfire
3rd (tied): Alexander Clinkingbeard, Pilgrims in the Sonoran Desert
HM: Olivia Ferrell, And Wait
HM: Kai Nakano, untitled
HM: Owen Ashbeck, The Desert
HM: Elise Kpetehoto, The Wise Man
HM: Maya de la Huerta, Wish
HM: Will Shelor, The Winner of Every Race

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