Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2015

Grade K

1st: Ezekiel Clinkingbeard, If I Were a Saguaro Cactus
2nd: Joseph Vacco, Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
3rd: Averie Fish, Diamondback Haiku
HM: Kylie Graham, Bobcats Climb
HM: Kendall Matchett, My Day in the Desert
HM: Alice Ogden, Saguaro Cactus and Cactus Wren
HM: Kyla Boxley, One Bunny
HM: Lincoln Maskey, Sonorasaurus

Grade 1

1st: (tied): Victoria Delgado, King Snake
1st: (tied): Aryana Clinkingbeard, The Gecko
2nd: Katelynn Mahnk, The Desert Museum
3rd: Emily Urbalejo, One Beautiful Desert
HM: Alana Alva, Owl
HM: Amelia Cabrera
HM: Caleb Loomis, The Sunset
HM: Carter Ferrell, The Desert
HM: Alegria Smith, The Bobcat
HM: Garrett Westbrook, Nature in the Desert
HM: Sage Beal, What will I Eat for Lunch?
HM: Alaska Tieg Henrikson, The Bobcat Hears Thunder
HM: Luke Olson, The Hot Desert
HM: Christopher Moreno Quijada, Desert Poem
HM: Megan Brown, Ouch!!! That Hurt!

Grade 2

1st: (Tied Overall Winner): Clementine Dasse, Amazing Dreams
1st: (Tied Overall Winner): Eric Morton, The Powerful Stream
2nd: Solomon Clinkingbeard, Curious Coati
3rd: Sophia Kennett, Animals of the Desert
HM: Daniel Homoki, The Cactus Maker
HM: Elizabeth Katz, Saguaro
HM: Andre Silveiro, Wildcat
HM: Lucas Soeder, The Prairie Dog
HM: Adel Vandermark, Sneaky Raccoon
HM: Karmen Parag, The Roadrunner
HM: Addison Fish, The Desert Tortoise
HM: Adison Banchy, Paradise!
HM: Harmany Conrad, The Hungry Hawk
HM: Marina LaFoley, My Desert
HM: Fin Leo, Sonoran Desert Walk
HM: Reyna Marshall, Coyote
HM: Avery Leon, The Powerful Bald Eagle
HM: Luke Gordon, Mexican Gray Wolf
HM: Ellie Irwin, Mountain Lion
HM: Camille Rice, Sky

Grade 3

1st: Garrett Maskey, Desert ABC
2nd: Amalia Matchett, Desert in Action
3rd: Max Silverman, Monsoon
HM: Kendall Scott, My Senses in the Desert
HM: Ryan Chu, Saguaro Night
HM: Ava Boxley, When it Rains
HM: Brooke Chipman, The Cactus Wren
HM: Taylor DeVore, Sunset
HM: Taylor Hale, Catalina Mountains
HM: Madisyn Kunze, Rattlesnakes
HM: Emma Stone, The View
HM: Charlie Shelzi, Elf Owl and Saguaro
HM: Aria Martinez, The Thirsty Coyote
HM: Finnian Ogden, Saguaro
HM: Nathan Roy, The Big-eared Bat
HM: Grier Adamson, Prairie Dog
HM: Anthony Salmon, Rattlesnakes
HM: Juan Olguin Cuevas, In the Sonoran Desert
HM: Alessandra Padilla, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Dawson Jones, The Slithering Snake

Grade 4:

1st: (Tied Overall Winner): Xander Clinkingbeard, Watershed
2nd: Ella Hoffman, You Will Remember
3rd: Neveah Diaz, The Cave Myotis
HM: Katarina Leon, The Bobcat
HM: Ashlin Fish, Life of a Bobcat
HM: Kai Nakano, The Magical Place
HM: Liam Ferguson, Desert Snow
HM: Nereida Babuca, The Sonoran Desert
HM: Maya Garcia, Hot Desert Sun
HM: Rachel Friedman, The Desert Home
HM: Tierra DeMont, Monsoon Season
HM: Sofia Garcia, Sonoran Desert
HM: Mariah Leyvas, Sunset
HM: Michelle Asher and Clara Compton, Together We Are the Desert - Two Voice Poem
HM: Michaela Howard, Spring in the Desert
HM: Rene Ochotorena, Rabbits Wild and Free
HM: Daniela Guijada Valencia, This Desert Is My Home!
HM: Eduardo Gutierrez, Kangaroo Rats
HM: Maia Stark, The Desert Is
HM: Crockett Dennis, Desert Poem
HM: Sasha Hall-Johnson, Becoming the Desert
HM: Abigail Ibarra, The Dwarf Elf Owl
HM: Riley Becker-Kopke, The Kind You See In The Desert
HM: Kiara Jasmine, Raccoon

Grade 5

1st: Raven Burns, Sonoran Sunset
2nd: Margaux Kenney, Animals of the Sonoran Desert
3rd: Zak Woods and Ethan Ward, Poem for Two Voices
HM: Penélope Monroy, 30 Seconds in the Life of a Hummingbird
HM: Erika Vargas, Desert Snow
HM: Delraya Reino, Bats
HM: Ethan Ward, My Backyard the Sonoran Desert
HM: Adriel Perales-Valencia, The Silent Sky
HM: Cate Clifton, Coyote Night
HM: Eilish Grambs, The Rain Keeps On Pouring
HM: Roman Nasif, Monsoon Season, Kathy Bodenhemier
HM: Ryan Marvin, Desert Destruction
HM: Trenity Way, Agua Caliente
HM: Charlie Cormode, Water in the desert
HM: Bella Lopez, Kit Fox
HM: Amilio Manuel, Cactus Wren
HM: Lilly Valencia, Prairie Dog
HM: Francisco Contreras, Kit Fox
HM: Raven Strange, Desert…from Day to Night
HM: Agave Frankenberger, The Agave
HM: Gina Buffa, Sonoran Desert
HM: Annika Shepp, I See Many Things
HM: Lexy Stapleman, Sonoran Desert Haiku

Grade 6:

1st: (Tied Overall Winner): Myla Saczko, Night in the Desert, A Haiku Poem
2nd: Stefan Vikingur, Remember
3rd: Angel Soto, Desert Music
HM: Willow Young, Monsoon
HM: Anna Campbell, Lightning
HM: Troy Mann, Owls
HM: Florie Rush. The Desert Stage
HM: Isaac Ponce-Alvarez, The Rain Clouds
HM: Abby Gaither-Banchoff, She Will Remember
HM: Ellie Finley, Treasure in the Desert
HM: Antonio Valencia, Desert Poem
HM: Angeleeza Alvarez, Night
HM: Jackson Hausrath, Sonoran Cinquain Poetry

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