Earth Day Poetry Winners: 2012

Grade K

1st: Sula Nguyen, The Colorful Desert
2nd: Destiny Serrano, Roadrunner
3rd: Nathan Roy, Rattlesnake
HM: Alex Harrow, Blue
HM: Avi Arredondo, Woodpecker
HM: MJ Corrow, Moon
HM: Amalia Matchett, What Does the Desert Look Like?

Grade 1

1st: Xander Clinkingbeard, A Hohokam Boy
2nd: Melissa O'Daniel, Rainbows
3rd: Aidan Gist, All My Senses in the Desert
3rd: Angela Smith, Saguaro
HM: Bella Salazar, The Animal Sounds of the Desert
HM: Randy McCaullay, Saguaro
HM: Jonathan O'Connor, The Flowing River
HM: Bailee Irwin, Saguaro
HM: Aubrianne Stokes, When I am in the Desert
HM: Michelle Mcteer, What Do I Do in the Desert?
HM: Miles Ogden, Desert Spring Day

Grade 2

1st: Ellenor Van Cleve, The Sonoran Desert
2nd: Kylie Villarreal, The Animals of the Desert
3rd: Emily Smith, Shadows
HM: Malik Ramirez, Sunset
HM: Ryan Allen Robinson, Desert Land
HM: Dylan Cooper, A Storm
HM: Elias Parker, Storm
HM: Angel Andrade, Desert Life
HM: Andrew Beach, The Desert
HM: Madeline Cheu, Flowering Cactus
HM: Roberto Dagnino, Desert
HM: Lainie Radomsky, The Secret of the Voice
HM: Victoria Bustamante, Desert Coyote
HM: Cailin Randolph, Darkness of Light
HM: Jizel Barreto, The Desert

Grade 3

1st (tied overall winner): Adrian Arandules, The Palo Verde
2nd (tied): Kate Goss, The Nighttime Summer Storm
2nd : (tied) Jorge Ruiz, Desert, Desert, Desert
3rd: Daniella Peralta, The Coyote
HM: Tristan Rascon, The Owl
HM: Dominic Maddalozzo, Big Horn Sheep
HM: Trevor Sweet, Food Chain
HM: Breanna Henry, The Beautiful Desert
HM: Arianna Miller, The Hot, Hot Desert
HM: Maya Sanchez, Desert
HM: Morgan Scanlan, Desert Walk
HM: Albert Quihuis, A Cactus
HM: Trey Wiggins, The Arizona Desert

Grade 4

1st: (tied) Jonathan Freeman, Desert Cactus
1st: (tied) Olivia Conklin, Coyote
2nd: Breanna Garcia, The Dust Devil
3rd: Margaret O'Neill, Desert Days
HM: Jonathan Dabovich, Mexican Gray Wolf
HM: Jordyn Cardona, Otter
HM: Isabella Jacobo, Saguaro
HM: Preston Young, Coyote
HM: Alani Chapman, Saguaro Cactus
HM: Micaela Badgero, Desert Night
HM: Ben Ferre, Birds
HM: Ryan Hoose, Saguaro Cactus
HM: Rhianna Boivie, The Timid Rabbit
HM: Brooklyn Linden, Jackrabbit
HM: Jonah Bednar, Snake

Grade 5

1st (Tied, plus overall winner): Belle Poirier, Wolf
1st (Tied): Justin Miller, Dark Night
2nd (Tied): Shayne Strey, A Day in the Sonoran Desert
2nd (Tied): Frank Mullins, Desert Rain
3rd (Tied): Brisa Zamarron, Northern Jaguar
3rd (Tied): Julia Hekimian, The Desert Soul
3rd (Tied): Ella Sagarin, Mexican Wolf
HM: Acacia Reeder, Hidden
HM: Shelby Galpin, Day of the Desert
HM: Jose Cota, Rattlesnake
HM: James Fontaine
HM: Tailer Manville, Cacti Views
HM: Elyssa Yarnell, The Things in Arizona
HM: Sonora Buck Shannon, Desert Night
HM: Lauren Holland, Desert Snake
HM: Abbie Drake, Sunset Art
HM: Tristan Head, The Desert Floor
HM: Pilar Thomas, Bobcat
HM: Alison Nickerson, Night Sky
HM: Kaitlyn Fullin, Mesquite Tree
HM: Clementine Nostrant, Wolf
HM: Emily Muirhead, The Desert
HM: Nick Jones, Saguaro Cactus

Grade 6:

1st: Isabella Bushroe, Monsoon
2nd (tied): Cara Lehrling, Sonoran Beauty
2nd (tied): Katrina Dignum, Voices of the Desert
3rd (tied): Noelle Huerta, In the Sonoran Desert
3rd (tied): Chance Harrico, Trickle
HM: Maryn Grasky, The Desert's Dance
HM: Ryan Larkin, The Grand Finale
HM: Ryan Larkin, Saguaro Sweetheart
HM: Briana Tovar, Just Let it Be
HM: Briana Tovar, So Hot

Earth Day Poetry was submitted by the following teachers and schools. Thanks to all who participated!

Agua Caliente Elementary
Mrs. Meg Johnson, Mrs. Ratajczak, and Mrs. Breanne Door
Corbett Elementary
Mrs. Ahumada
Desert Winds Elementary
Ms. Shirley Nugent
Donaldson Elementary
Mrs. Jan Moss, Mrs. Mars, Ms. Gregoire, Ms. Greer, Ms. Palmour, H. Matiatos, and Mrs. Montgomery
Drexel Elementary
Mrs. Valerie Seldon
Green Fields Country Day School
Ms. Judy Mott
Greenway Elementary
Ms. Megan Shea and Mrs. Luz Badgero
Henry Elementary
Ms. Christina Miles
Highland Free Charter School
Ms. Donna Marchant, Ms. Kelly Murphy, Ms. Carrie Farnsworth, Ms. Teresa Rodriguez, and Ms. Lucy Patterson
Holladay Magnet School
Ms. Mary Rogers
Khalsa Montessori
Ms. Kathy Bodenhemier and Ms. Amelia Sheldon
Mesquite Elementary
Ms. Janet Collins and Ms. Janice Mortensen
Richardson Elementary
Mrs. Kandy Clinkingbeard
St. Ambrose School
Mrs. Francine Fritton
Whitmore Elementary
Mrs. Anne Rodenkirk-Hall and Ms. Charlene Cashman
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