Botanical Beauty

Bloomin' Boojums!

Look at our bloomin' boojums! Have you seen our new Boojum Hill Exhibit? If not, now is the perfect time to come visit. These beauties will be blooming for the next few weeks! Boojums (desert trees that look like they belong in a Dr. Suess book) serve as an important pollinator pad for hummingbirds and carpenter bees (as you can clearly see in this video)! Video: Horticulturist Jason

Dioon Growth!

Horticulturist Kim took a series of leaf growth photos of a Dioon edule plant here at the Museum from June 6th to the 25th and we thought it was too cool not to share! These plants only put out a flourish of leaves once a year and they retain them for about a decade or so if the plant is happy. Looks like we have one happy plant!

Thanks to our incredible Botany team for all of their hard work to make our grounds look beautiful!

Torch Cactus Up Close!

How close have you really looked at the gorgeous and unreal torch cactus? Horticulturist Kim gives us a unique and up close perspective of this florescent flower.

Ocotillo Oasis

Take a minute for yourself and enjoy these opulent ocotillo blooms and the integral insects that pollinate them.

The Flying Saucers Have Landed!

In need of a nature break?

Horticulturist Kim gives us a glimpse of the five gorgeous 'Flying Saucer' cacti that were blooming in the Cactus Garden!

Bloom BOOM!

Springtime in the desert is just around the corner and we are loving all of the flowers as they start to show of their beautiful blooms!

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