Getgo Guide Series

Cover - Beetles of the Sonoran Desert

Beetles of the Sonoran Desert
by Wendy Moore
Beetle paintings by Priscilla Baldwin

$4.95/$4.46 Member price

Meet the Beetles! Use this handy pocket guide to help you identify the common beetles of the Sonoran Desert. Members of the order Coleoptera, beetles are one of the most common insects on Earth and they are well represented here. more...

Cover - Cacti of Arizona

Cacti of Arizona
Mark A. Dimmitt
$4.95/$4.46 Member price

The Cacti of Arizona Getgo Guide, which easily fits in your pocket is perfect for a spring hike in the desert. It introduces non-botanists to species in a half-dozen groups of cacti — from columnar cacti like the giant saguaro to mammalarias like the little pincushion. more...

Cover - Hummingbirds of the West

Hummingbirds of the West
by Pinau Merlin
$4.95/$4.46 Member price

Hummingbirds, with their iridescent plumage, pugnacious nature, and high-energy lifestyle, are some of North America's most captivating birds. They both fascinate and entertain. They also can be a challenge to identify for many people. That's why the Desert Museum produced this colorful new guide. more...

Cover - Lizards of the Southwest

Lizards of the Southwest
Craig Ivanyi and Stéphane Poulin
$4.95/$4.46 Member price

Lizards, with their prehistoric appearance, beady little eyes, and often quirky behavior, hold great appeal for both adults and children. Unfortunately, most people are unable to identify more than a few. The Desert Museum took notice and produced this visually focused pocket guide. It not only allows you to quickly identify the Southwest's most commonly seen lizards but it also contains dozens of fascinating facts about their lives (such as a species that consists entirely of females and another that actually has a voice!). more...

Cover - Outdoor Gizmos

Outdoor Gizmos
by Steven Phillips
$4.95/$4.46 Member price

This handy guide is intended for just about anybody who plans on spending some time out in nature. Seasoned hikers and backpackers will want to add these gizmos to their bag of survival tricks. For everyone else, this Getgo Guide will provide great entertainment, and maybe even an entirely new way of connecting with the sun and stars. more...

Cover - Snakes of the Southwest

Snakes of the Southwest
Craig Ivanyi and Janis Johnson
$4.95/$4.46 Member price

A forked tongue... no voice... eyes that never close... dry scaly skin and long limbless bodies that appear to ooze across the ground - often under the cover of the night. Sounds like a mutant beast from a horror movie, right? Not quite - instead, it describes one of the most fascinating and highly evolved groups of animals ever to inhabit planet earth - snakes! more...

Cover - Soaring Birds of the West

Soaring Birds of the West
Pinau Merlin
$4.95/$4.46 Member price

Majestic, powerful, Elegant. Hawks, eagles and other soaring birds inspire awe and capture our imaginations as they float effortlessly above us. Learning to identify raptors is a fascinating, fun and engaging activity. This new pocket guide makes it easy! more...

Cover - Venomous Critters of the Southwest

Venomous Critters of the Southwest
by Craig Ivanyi and Renee Lizotte
$4.95/$4.46 Member price

Rattlesnake, coralsnake, scorpion, and spider! The mere mention of these words sends most of us running for cover. In truth, these creatures don't present any great danger, as long as we know who they are, how they behave in nature, and what we should do to avoid unwanted encounters. It's all here, in a format that will fit easily in your shirt pocket or daypack. more...

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