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Beetles of the Sonoran Desert

Cover: Beetles of the Sonoran Desert

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by Wendy Moore
Beetle paintings by Priscilla Baldwin

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ISBN: 1886679-40-5
Laminated, full color throughout
Folds to 3.25 x 6 inches


Meet the Beetles! Use this handy pocket guide to help you identify the common beetles of the Sonoran Desert.

Members of the order Coleoptera, beetles are one of the most common insects on Earth and they are well represented here. While they share basic features, they are incredibly diverse in size, shape, and color (many are adorned with strikingly beautiful patterns), as well as where they live, what they eat, and the services they perform in our ecosystem. From lightning bugs and ladybird beetles (sometimes called ladybugs), to longhorn beetles, scarabs, and click beetles, you?ll find this a most satisfying introduction to the fascinating and entertaining world of beetles in Sonoran Desert Region.

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