Meditation Monday

Episode 14

For this Meditation Monday we turn to one of our favorite canids, the coyote! Coyotes are often mistaken for small to medium sized domestic dogs. They have a long, bushy black-tipped tail, pointed ears and a narrow pointed face. Coyotes are known for how well they adapt to different habitats. They can even be found living in and around large cities. How often do you see coyotes near your home?. Video: David Betts

Episode 13

Happy Meditation Monday! Spend a little quality time with these rambunctious reptiles- the Ornate Box Turtle! And as always, turn up the volume for a soothing desert symphony. Video: David Betts

Episode 12

We hope this adorable video of a few pollinators on a Trichocereus bloom brightens your day! Sound on to hear the melody of the desert! Video: Kim Duffek

Episode 11

Another new week calls for another opportunity to stop and enjoy the beauty and comfort nature provides. Make sure your sound is on for a relaxing morning bird chorus and enjoy the gorgeous carpet of flowers that the Ironwood tree created near the Ironwood Gallery. We hope you all have a wonderful week!

Episode 9.5

We can't resist sharing more relaxing clips from the Museum especially when it is just so serene and magical. Sound on for soothing desert sounds as we take a closer look at Bidwill's Coral Bean in the Desert Garden taken by the wonderful Kim.

Episode 9

Wait for the big reveal… It's a Torch Cactus firework show!!

Episode 8

What are you grateful for during this difficult time? We are grateful for our outstanding staff, all of you who continue to support the Desert Museum, and the incredible natural world that we have the honor of working in.

Episode 7

Please enjoy the incredible landscape view from 'Cat Canyon' here at the Desert Museum. The palo verde, ironwood, and saguaros are all blooming - isn't is spectacular?! Video: Kim Duffek

Episode 6

You know what to do! Turn on the sound, take a deep breath, and relax to the soothing sounds of the desert. Our Horticulturist Kim captured this adorable Rufous-winged Sparrow singing atop the blooming palo verde. Enjoy!

Episode 5

It's a bloom BOOM of our favorite flowering fireworks! Enjoy the neon colors of the Torch cactus and the morning meody of our favorite desert birds for our newest edition of Meditation Monday. Video: Horticultuist Kim Duffek

Episode 4

Another beautiful and relaxing Meditation Monday video brought to you by Horticulturist Kim. We miss you all and hope you are having a great start to your week!

Episode 3

We hope this meditative video from the Cactus Garden taken by Horticultutist Kim helps you unwind from your Monday.

Episode 2

We just love this video sent in by horticultuist Kim of the cutestest Phainopepla. Can you ID one of our favorite bird calls in the background?

Episode 1

Our first installement of 'Meditation Monday' comes from horticulturist Kim who entitiled this beautiful video, "Cat Canyon Melody".

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