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Junior Docents

Group of teenagers in a rocky desert landscape, holding their hands up so as to appear to be supporting a large rock above (and behind) them

Teen Application
To be completed by Teen

Before beginning, please be aware that you may not save information to this form. Applicants are required to answer three essay questions. The selection committee weighs these answers very heavily in their decisions. It is suggested that answers are first typed into a word processor and then copied and pasted into this form for submission.

Teen's Name: First Last
Teen's Cell Phone:
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Teen's Email Address:
Teen's Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip:
Teen's Birthdate:
2018-2019 School Year: Name of School:
How did you hear about the Junior Docent Program?

Participants for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's Junior Docent Program will be selected based on demonstrated interest in science and conservation, willingness to learn and ability to work in teams with other students. Committee members will consider both parent form, and student form in making their selection.

Why do you love the desert?

What are some of your skills and strengths?

What are some things you need to improve upon?

To complete the application process, have your parent/guardian submit the Parent Form. If your parents prefer this form in spanish, please let us know.

Questions? Contact Amy Orchard 520-883-3083 or

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