Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Book of Answers

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David Wentworth Lazaroff

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ISBN: 1886679096
Paperback: 200 pages
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches


What exactly is a desert? How can I attract hummingbirds? Are cactus spines poisonous? Is a javelina a pig? This book provides detailed answers to 42 questions that the staff at the Desert Museum are most often asked.

Supplemented with nearly 100 illustrations, this 200-page book is broken down into three sections: getting to know the desert, the desert as one's backyard, and enjoying the desert. Seven useful appendixes cover a range of topics including hummingbird gardening, venomous bites and stings, climate, and additional sources of information about desert life. A fun way to learn how wild and fascinating our deserts really are!

Sample questions:


Booklist (American Library Association):
"An excellent introduction to desert ecology . . . A very useful, and inexpensive, book."

Arizona Daily Star:
"This valuable book should find a place on every desert dweller's shelf."
"The 200,000 or so people who stroll through Tucson's Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum each year bring with them many questions: What is a desert? How is it that gophers and rattlesnakes can live in the same hole? How can I stop Gila woodpeckers from whittling down my house? If I find a desert tortoise, can I make it a pet? David Lazaroff, a biologist and writer, answers these and dozens more questions in this entertaining, intelligent book, which belongs on every Southwesterner's bookshelf." --Gregory McNamee

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