Shopping at the Desert Museum

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Gift Shop

Our Gift Shops offer a wide array of merchandise in each of our stores from exclusive custom souvenirs to regional crafts and foods, including ASDM logo items and local Native American arts and crafts.

Front Patio


A gift membership to the Desert Museum not only provides 365 days of access to the Museum's creatures and plants, but loads of activities and one-of-a-kind, members-only adventures. Purchase a Gift Membership online.

Desert Gardens Book


The ASDM press publishes a selection of fine books about the desert, its plants, its geologic features, and its mysteries! Browse our online bookstore.

Bronze Sculptures

Bronze Sculptures by Sheridan Oman

These bronze statues by artist Sheridan Oman capture the beauty of nature with precision and detail, and are small enough to hold. Buy online now.

Hummingbird and Rabbit Sculpture

Bronze Sculptures by Mark Rossi

These one-of-a-kind bronze statues by artist Mark Rossi capture the beauty of nature with precision and detail, and are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand. Buy online now.

Note Card Images


The Desert Museum notecard collection features images from the Desert Museum. Each card features a poem, personally selected by the Desert Museum's poet-in-residence, Eric Magrane. The poem compliments and speaks to the card's image and is one in a series of collaborations between the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and the University of Arizona's Poetry Center.

Cholla Bud Harvest

Adult Classes and Trips

These programs are offered to the public to create a better understanding of our Sonoran Desert through enjoyable and informative experiences, and provide opportunities to learn practical applications for working and playing in balance with our environment. Sign up online, or purchase holiday gift certificates.

Artwork by Susan T Fisher

Art Institute Classes

Our Art Institute offers a wide range of art classes and workshops throughout the year. Browse the course catalog and register online.

Wish List Mountain Lions


Our Wish List features an ever-changing list of items needed to care for our animal and plant collections. Donate to purchase items on behalf of yourself, or someone else.

Donating Busy Bee


Giving to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum makes things happen. Exhibitions. Research. Programs that reach out to millions and inspire and educate them. Donate now.

Kids at Camp

Kids' Camps

Kids of all ages can learn while having fun at a variety of camps throughout the year. Learn more and sign up online.

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