Bronze Sculptures by Sheridan Oman

Small images of bronze sculptures

Created exclusively for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, these bronze statues by artist Sheridan Oman capture the beauty of nature with precision and detail and are small enough to hold in the palm of your hand.

Sheridan Oman originally came to the Desert Museum as an animal keeper working with birds, but in the early 1960s, his life work took flight when he became the “staff artist.” His passion for capturing the diverse wildlife surrounding him stretched across many mediums, including sculpture, pen and ink, and mixed media.

His creations tapped into his formal training studying under artists George Grosz and Kenneth Hayes Miller in New York at the Art Students League.

These Sheridan Oman pieces are part of an exclusive line and is only available online through the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Limited quantities available.

Badger ($125 plus S&H)
Burro ($195 plus S&H)
Otter ($195 plus S&H)
Otter with Fish ($195 plus S&H)
Rabbit ($195 plus S&H)
Rattlesnake ($175 plus S&H)

(U.S. Shipping only)

All proceeds support the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's education and conservation programs. Thank you for your purchase!

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