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Gifts of Stock or Appreciated Securities

If your investment portfolio includes low-yielding, highly appreciated stock or securities that have held for more than one year you may want to consider gifting them to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Appreciated property can include publicly traded stocks, bonds, mutual funds, closely held stock, commercial property, farms, personal residences or unimproved land.

You may benefit by:

How to make a gift of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum:

  1. Please complete this gift form (PDF), then:
    1. Send a copy to: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Attn: Dave Eshbaugh, Director of Philanthropy, 2012 N Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743-9719, 520-883-3039,
    2. Forward a copy to your broker to initiate the gift.
  2. For securities to be delivered via DTC or ACAT transfer, please send to:
    FEG Investment Advisors
    Attn: OCIO Client Service Team (513-977-4400;
    Fax #: 513-806-2217
    DTC#: 0226
    Account #: 656-223016
    Client Name: Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
  3. You will receive a formal acknowledgment and tax substantiation upon successful completion of your gift.
  4. Questions? Please contact Dave Eshbaugh, Director of Philanthropy at 520-883-3039 or
  5. The Federal Tax I.D. number for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is 86-0111675.

How to make a gift of real property to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum:

Please contact the Development Office at (520) 883-3039. Prior to acceptance, gifts of property are inspected by the Museum or by an agent acting on its behalf to assess the condition of the property and to ensure that it is appropriate to the mission and resources of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

For additional information contact Dave Eshbaugh, Director of Philanthropy, 520-883-3039,
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