Desert Museum Vignettes

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum - Then and Now

Bill Carr had a vision that evolved from a simple yet elegant concept — ‘Give the Sonoran Desert a voice.’ Arthur Pack shared that vision and the two of them, along with Bill Woodin, Merv Larson, Hal Gras, Lew Walker and others, brought it to life. They gave this desert a voice. They pioneered a new concept in natural history interpretation. They created a premier conservation and science institution.

The ASDM values its history and traditions. The ‘Then and Now’ images below honor the past and the present. I challenge each of you: ‘What do you want the Desert Museum to look like at its 100th anniversary?� — Craig Ivanyi, Executive Director, ASDM

Mountain House
Gates Passs

Desert Ark
Gift Shop
Eat and Drink
Voices Part 4
Voices Part 3
Voices Part 2
Voices Part 1

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM) Oral History Project is designed to chronicle the history of ASDM. The interviews and collected materials provide an opportunity to capture the memories of museum founders, members, staff, and guests; and to share those memories with Tucson and the conservation community at large.

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