Glass In Flight Creative Contest

Red Glass Heart with silver wings on the side and and metal flames coming out of the top, resting on a red pole with a base of metal flames

You could win this one-of-a-kind
2' tall Alex Heveri Sculpture!

Tucson artist Alex Heveri’s giant steel and stained glass sculptures of winged insects have been delighting visitors ever since they flew in and took up residence at the Desert Museum. Twenty-one of her special Dalle de Verre sculptures are currently on display throughout the Museum’s grounds until March 23, 2023.

For this creative contest, we want you to take Heveri’s sculptures as inspiration – and fly! The sky’s the limit. To participate in this contest, you will create something fun and creative that has been inspired by Heveri’s insect sculptures and then you will share it on social media using the #GlassInFlight hashtag so others can see your creation. This contest runs from January 1 — March 23, 2023.

Bee Beehive arch Bluebird Blue butterfly Green winged beetle Monarch Orange dragonfly Owl Yellow dragonfly

The Sky’s The Limit

Here are some ideas to get you started. You could share a fun selfie with the sculpture, a creative photo of a Heveri sculpture, or create something entirely new — a new work of art inspired by the sculptures like a sketch, a drawing, a painting, an altered photo, an animation, or anything else you can dream up. We want to see your creativity!

Heveri will judge the entries based on creativity and pick the winner, but there are a few requirements to be considered to win the prize:

Legal Disclaimer and the Fine Print

About the Art Institute

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute was created to inspire conservation through art education. By encouraging creative ways of engaging with and communicating about science, natural history, and conservation in the Sonoran Desert and beyond, we inspire our students and visitors to form new connections and cultivate creative ways of seeing and relating to the natural world around us and its myriad inhabitants.

About the Exhibit

Glass in Flight is a traveling art and science sculpture exhibit featuring over 21 steel and Dalle de Verre glass sculptures of gigantic, realistic insects. Created by Alex Heveri, each sculpture captures the essence of flight. Sunlight through the colored glass mimics the transparency and iridescence of insect wings, intensifying the illusion of movement and life. All dragonflies and some butterflies are mounted on 12-foot-tall poles, making these towering, glittering sculptures informative, engaging and simply enchanting.

About the Artist

Alex Heveri is a Tucson-based artist, attorney and sculptor who has been creating enormous steel and glass structures for more than 25 years. Glass in Flight represents more than three years of solo work. Her massive Dalle de Verre glass and steel sculptures of life like bees, butterflies, beetles and dragonflies weigh more than 10,000 lbs!

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