Exhibits: Cat Canyon

At Cat Canyon you can view small mammals in naturalistic grotto settings. Cat Canyon is home to a variety of animals which can be viewed from overhead and at eye level.

Currently on exhibit in Cat Canyon:

Grey FoxOcelotCoati


Coatis are intelligent and social creatures of the raccoon family. Unlike raccoons and ringtails, coatis have a longer nose marked by white and are active by day instead of nocturnal.


The ocelot reaches the northern limits of its range in Arizona and Texas and so was probably never abundant in the United States. It is presently listed as Endangered.

Ocelots (Felis pardalis) have been documented in Arizona, though loss of habitat may limit them. Ocelots prefer dense thornscrub, live oak scrub, or riparian areas with an overstory cover. In Texas, a population of 50 to 100 ocelots has been holding steady for several years, but a population that small may not have enough genetic diversity to survive indefinitely.

Arizona Game & Fish Department biologists investigate and keep track of sightings of these rare cats, but caution that frequently juvenile mountain lions (with spots) and bobcats are confused with jaguars or ocelots, especially in poor light. Still, knowing that there could be a rare cat behind the next shrub or boulder makes the wilderness a much more exciting place!

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