Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in the Media

Arizona Weekend Explorer: Outdoor Mecca

August, 2015

Cox7 visits Tucson for a Special Edition of Arizona Weekend Explorer. This five part program features the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in the Outdoor Mecca section.

Watch the Outdoor Mecca section, and follows links to all five parts.

Nature: Animal Homes - PBS

April, 2015

The three-part series provides intimate, never-before-seen views of the lives of animals in their homes, and features the museum's hummingbirds in the Hummingbird Aviary.

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Reproductive Rituals - Arizona Illustrated

February 6, 2015

AZPM producer Tony Paniagua explores the intriguing and often surprising reproductive rituals of some of the region's most iconic animals.

Watch Arizona Illustrated Sunday at 6:30 pm on PBS 6, for more stories like this one.

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Journal Broadcast Group Community Partnership Program

In November 2014, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum was selected to be the JBG Community Partner.

Journal Broadcast Group Tucson, a proud member of America's Best LOCAL Broadcast Company, donates over $1,500,000.00 in media exposure to local charities per year. It is committed to effecting change by nurturing and supporting non-profit agencies, non-profit partners and community or corporate foundations.

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New Aquarium Tells Desert Story

Story by Tom Kleespie, Arizona Public Media
February 20, 2013

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is telling the aquatic story of the Sonoran Desert region with its newest exhibit, the Warden Aquarium.

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Invisible Barriers Dot Desert Museum

Story by Tom Kleespie
February 19, 2013

While visiting the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum west of Tucson, most visitors marvel at the picturesque native flora and fauna. There are more than 300 animal species and nearly 1,200 plant species on the museum's grounds woven into different stories about the Sonoran Desert.

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