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A full understanding of the Sonoran Desert Region isn't possible without recognizing the importance of the freshwater rivers that flow through it nor the 100,000 square miles of "desert sea" critical to the Sonoran Desert's status as the lushest desert on earth.

The Museum always intended to tell this story in grand fashion. Now, with the Warden Aquarium's opening on January 5, 2013, it has become a reality. This exciting new exhibit, Rivers to the Sea, will take you on a journey down the Colorado River into the Sea of Cortez, revealing the saga of this unique and extremely diverse region.

Your gift today will help support the care and feeding of the species on display as well as ongoing maintenance of the equipment. Your tax-deductible gift will assist staff, volunteers and docents to complete and maintain this world class exhibit interpreting Arizona Rivers and the Gulf of California. Thank you!

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