Museum Rules

For the protection of the Museum collection and the enjoyment and safety of others, we ask that you please follow these guidelines. Those unable or unwilling to comply will not be permitted to remain on the grounds.

Prohibited items:

  • Firearms and other weapons, explosives, knives or similar sharp objects.
  • Toy weapons or other items that appear to be weapons.
  • Drones and similar remote controlled devices.
  • Alcoholic beverages not purchased at Museum.
  • Illegal drugs and other illegal substances.
  • Segways, hover boards, shoes with wheels, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, or similar device intended for recreational use.
  • Glass containers, large coolers, and outside food or beverage other than bottled water or personal reusable water containers.
  • Plastic beverage lids and straws.
  • Balloons, whistles, and other noisemakers.
  • Unaccompanied minors under the age of 16.
  • Pets, including in parking areas and inside vehicles. Service animals welcome; please check-in with Guest Services before entering. The full Service Animal Policy can be read here.

Prohibited activities:

  • Smoking and vaping on Museum grounds.
  • Feeding, touching (except Stingray Touch), disturbing/chasing/teasing animals in the care of the Museum and wild animals, including shouting and tapping on exhibit windows, and shining lights in exhibits.
  • Climbing on plants, walls, sculptures, etc.
  • Collecting plants or plant material.
  • Unauthorized sale of goods or services.
  • Engaging in unsafe acts or other acts that impede Museum operations.
  • Unauthorized commercial video recording or photography.
  • Obstructing pathways.
  • Causing purposeful harm to or destruction of any Museum property or facilities.

Required etiquette:

  • Please obey all posted signs and remain on designated pathways.
  • Please treat fellow guests, staff, and volunteers with courtesy and respect.
  • Respectful behavior toward the plants and animals in the care of the Museum, and those naturally occurring on Museum grounds and the surrounding area.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Enjoy your visit!

Normas del Museo

Con el fin de proteger la colección viva que expone el Museo del Desierto, disfrutar y crear un ambiente seguro para los demás visitantes, le pedimos que siga las normas siguientes. Aquellos que no puedan o no quieran cumplir, no se les permitirá permanecer en los terrenos del Museo.

El Museo no permite:

Actividades no permitidas:

Etiqueta requerida:

Gracias por su apoyo y cooperación. ¡Disfrute su visita!

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