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Bighorn Lamb Born on
April 1 2015

The lamb lying down
Photo by Jay Pierstorff

April 6, 2015

Updated - It's A Girl!!!

On Tuesday, April 1st, just in time for Easter, the Desert Museum welcomed its newest resident, an adorable Bighorn lamb. The ewe, which gave birth yesterday, is the same ewe which delivered a female lamb just before Mother’s Day, 2014.

This is the 7th successful Bighorn birth at the Museum and the 3rd lamb for this ewe. It is unknown at this time whether the lamb is male or female.

The lamb is acquiring walking, romping and climbing proficiency by the minute. Visitors may catch a glimpse of it frolicking as newborns do. Visitors are likely to be surprised by how quickly lambs adapt to steep terrain. The newborn can be viewed during the Museum’s normal public hours except, of course, is it is napping behind the scenes or during occasional routine veterinary exams.

“The Museum is so pleased to have another successful birth as part of the Sustainable Species Program (SSP) organized by the American Zoological Society,” offered Shawnee Riplog-Peterson, the Museum’s Curator of Mammalogy and Ornithology. “And it’s always a delight for guests to see newborns and have the opportunity to watch them grow.”

This 4-year old ewe is part of an exchange program organized by the American Zoological Association's program to breed captive Bighorn sheep with the purpose of expanding the genetic diversity of the animals held in captivity by six partner organizations, By using extensive genetic DNA information, the goal of the program is to breed for the most diverse herd possible, thereby diminishing the need to remove any additional wild Bighorns from their natural environment.

Video taken less than an hour after her birth
The lamb standing up
Already climbing on the morning after her birth
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