Earth Day Poetry Contest First Place Winners 2009

Grade K

1st: Gillian Conlan, Show You One Tomorrow, Donna Marchant, Highland Free School

Show You One Tomorrow

Did you know that owls eat kangaroo rats?
Some animals eat fruit from cacti, like bats.

There's a cactus called a saguaro.
I'll show you one tomorrow.

Grade 1

Poem not available at this time.

Grade 2

1st: Jakelynn Wert, Coyote Haiku, Homeschool

Coyote Haiku

Tricky coyotes
They yip at the moon all night
I sleep with their song.

Grade 3

1st and overall Winner (tied) Ryan Larkin, Beautiful Sights of the Sonoran Desert, Kandy Clinkingbeard, Richardson Elementary

Beautiful Sights of the Sonora Desert

Each morning I wake and see the beautiful sun
I'm glad that I'm not an unfortunate one.
Because if I were I'd sob and I'd weep,
Since seeing the desert is a wonderful treat.
Roadrunners and jackrabbits are so very quick,
But sneaky coyote knows so many tricks.
I always adore them they're all very sweet,
Especially cactus wren who so loves to tweet.
I love the saguaros so strong and so tall -
standing beside them makes me feel so small.
At times I sit down and let out a sigh
As I lift up my head toward the pink desert sky.
The desert's great beauty is what I've described.
It makes me feel grateful that I am alive!

Grade 4

1st and Overall Winner(tied): Madelynn St. Peter, Desert Surprises, Kandy Clinkingbeard, Richardson Elementary (won honorable mention for grade 3 in 2008)

Desert Surprises

The desert seems lifeless, dry ground and no rain,
But look under a rock - You'll find something insane!
It might be a scorpion hiding from the heat,
Or rattlesnakes looking for something to eat.
A Jackrabbit's outside bathing in the sun,
But now this long day will be finally done.
The hot sun is going, it now shows no light,
But the moon is welcoming darkness and night.
You think it is over, but listen closely.
You'll find out that this place can never get ghostly.
Coyotes howl at the new moon at night
While javelinas are happily coming in sight.
Animals are hiding and going to bed,
But other creatures are waking up instead.
The desert seems lifeless, but look all around.
There is life all over and more to be found.

Grade 5

1st: Isabella Gallerani, A Summer's Day, Kathy Bodenhemier, Khalsa Montessori School (won honorable mention for grade 4 last year.)

A Summer's Day

The Summer sun kissing my cheek.
The whistle of the wind is music to my ears.
Saguaro flowers blooming right before my eyes.
While ground squirrels zip side to side.
Blue bells blooming
fairy dusters fanning
hummingbirds as small as an desert star drinking from a Purple Penstamin.
as desert marigolds dance in the wind.
they are as orange as the Tucson sunset.

Grade 6:

1st: Haley Buscemi, Hummingbird, Teresa Rodriquez and Gina Balibrera, Highland Free School


A hummingbird is a flash in the sky
It flashes here,
collecting nectar,
relishing the taste.
repeating the steps,
until the day it retires


Retrieved from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum web site on 04-22-2024