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Self-Guided Visit with Animal Experience
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(Currently Unavailable)

We are currently only accepting small group sizes for Self Guided Visits Only and College Groups. If your group is larger, or you require a visit with Animal Experiences or an Outreach Program, and you would like to submit a reservation request for after January 1, 2021, then please fill out the appropriate form.

We will not be able to confirm reservations until January 2021, at the earliest. Please note that some experiences such as theater programs and stingray touch may still not be available.

In addition, we also have live virtual opportunities for schools and youth groups! Learn more about Discovering the Desert Online and Desert MuZooms!

If religious or cultural restrictions prohibit the use of certain animals or related items in your program, please list those in the Questions/Comments section.

Option 1: Stingray Touch - $3.00 Per Person
The Gulf of California is an essential part of the Sonoran Desert. Discover our connections to the ocean with this captivating immersion experience (arms only Smile!). After a short introduction, your students will be able to experience the thrill of watching and being touched by a stingray!
Option 2: Live Animal Interactive Theater Program - $3.00 Per Person
(minimum fee $125.00)
Want a more focused experience for your students but are short on time? The Theater program is a great choice. In this multi-media program — featuring live animals — your students will actively discover the adaptations that living things use to survive and thrive in our desert climate. The program will last 30-40 minutes and allow you to make better use of your time exploring on-grounds. Program time: 11:00 a.m.
"I Spy Adaptations" Field Guide (and Answer Key) (PDFs)
Option 3: A Walk in the Desert - Pre-K & Kinder classroom program - $125 Per Program
Let's take an imaginary walk through the desert to discover hidden animals and plants. While meeting some of these fascinating desert dwellers, students will identify the special adaptations each has for survival in the desert environment. 25-40 minutes in length. Maximum number of students per program is 30. Limit 4 programs/day.
Please read this important General Information (opens in new window) before filling out the reservation form.
The reservation is confirmed when your confirmation letter with reservation number has been emailed to you. Please allow 7 business days for response. For questions please call or email: 520-883-3025 or

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In addition to the Experience fee, there is a museum admission fee for Student/Chaperones: 3 years & over: $6.00, under 3: FREE
(At least 1 adult/5 students in grades K-8; 1 chaperone/10 students in grades 9-12)
The school/youth group rate will not be honored for reservations submitted less than 15 days in advance of your earliest requested date.
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View chaperone guidelines here

Choose your Experience(s)

Live Animal Interactive Theater Programs are offered Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday. Stingray Touch is offered 7 days a week.
Option 1:
Stingray Touch - $3.00 Per Person
Option 2:
Desert Survivors: What's in Your Toolkit? (Grades 1-6) - $3.00 Per Person (minimum fee $125)
Option 3:

A Walk in the Desert Classroom Program (Only available for Preschool/Kindergarten) Maximum number of students per program is 30. Limit 4 programs/day - $125 per program

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