Kindergarten - 2nd grade Teacher Information Packet

Table of Contents

The following are pdf files.Viewing them requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.

  1. Introduction (90 KB download)
  2. Pre-visit Information (171 KB downloand)
    The Sonoran Desert: background information
    Suggested resources
  3. Desert Hot, Desert Dry (170 KB download)
    Evaporation in action
  4. Why Is the Sonoran Desert Special? (181 KB download)
    Seasons of saguaro
    Teacher copy
  5. What's in a Habitat? (164 KB download)
    Who's at home?
    Who's at home? - handout
  6. Adaptation: A Way of Life (168 KB download)
    Plant and animal desert adaptations - activities
    Desert adaptations - handout
  7. You've Gotta Eat to Live (146 KB download)
    Food chain finger puppets
    Finger puppet patterns - handout

Post-visit Activities

The following post-visit activities are designed help students synthesize their observations and experiences from pre-visit activities and the on-site visit to the Desert Museum. As students complete these activities they should be constructing their own understanding of the components and ecology of the Sonoran Desert Region. They should also develop a greater awareness and appreciation of the plants and animals in their immediate surroundings.

  1. Desert Recipes (92 KB download)
  2. Sonoran Desert ABCs (99 KB download)
  3. A Tortoise for the Taking (152 KB download)
    Desert tortoise maze - handout
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