Strategic Plan
Vision 2011-2015

Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is, and will continue to be, to inspire people to live in harmony with the natural world by fostering love, appreciation and understanding of the Sonoran Desert.

2011 Vision - Strategic Planning Objectives for the next 5 years

Values: Our Guiding Principles/Institutional Objectives are:

Group 1: Executive/Finance

Goal 1. Better understand & address operating needs and adequacy of investment funds

Goal 2. Acquire necessary capital to maintain/expand ASDM "brand"

Goal 3. Review and revise current long-range plan

Group 2: Development and Development Council

Goal 1. Increase charitable giving

Goal 2. Prepare & conduct next Capital Campaign

Goal 3. Membership Retention & Growth

Goal 4. Corporate Memberships

Group 3: Marketing and Marketing Council

New Audiences

Goal 1. Market Research

Goal 2. Group Sales

Goal 3. Local Market Position Statements

Existing Audiences

Goal 4. Digital Communications Plan

Goal 5. Enhance Marketing Budget

Goal 6. Concessionaires

Goal 7. Expand outreach to seniors

Goal 8. Celebrities/Events

Goal 9. Distribute discount passes for Museum visits to all outreach audiences

Group 4: Programs and Exhibits

Living Collections

Goal 1. Revise and update Institutional Collection Plan (ICP).

Goal 2. Develop programs to increase visitor engagement

Goal 3. Evaluate current programs and tours to determine effectiveness and popularity.


Goal 1. Raise grant funds to support education programs for teachers and underserved & low-income populations

Goal 2. Increase opportunities for enhanced revenue generation from existing visitors

Goal 3. Develop outreach programs to new audiences:

Goal 4. Increase enrollment in public programs

Goal 5. Evaluate current programs to determine effectiveness and popularity.

Goal 6. Review accessibility of education programs and web resources and make all possible changes


Goal 1. Based on data gathered in 2011/12, determine appropriate, fundable future initiatives

Goal 2. Examine current exhibits

Goal 3. Develop, raise funds, and build a "Desert Waters/Gulf of California" exhibit

Goal 4. Develop, raise funds, and build child-focused exhibit/play areas for kids

Goal 5. Develop, raise funds, and build small aviaries

Goal 6. Develop plans for refurbishing, renovating, or removing some older exhibits

Goal 7. Continue to utilize traveling exhibits where possible (e.g., Natural History Art Exhibits in Gallery)

Goal 8. Create "Quarters for Conservation" — type exhibit

Goal 9. Continue with phasing in Biligual Signage

Goal 10. Review accessibility of exhibits & signage

Research and Conservation Programs

Goal 1. Raise profile of Conservation and Science department with a variety of audiences, including staff and volunteers, board of trustees, general public

Goal 2. Explore alternative methods of staffing science

Goal 3. Develop pathways to endowed positions to maintain appropriate staffing levels

Goal 4. Explore different models of funding Science and Conservation

Goal 5. Projects

Art Institute

Goal 1. Create art exhibits relevant to the Museum's mission which enhance, interpret and increase knowledge of our existing living collections and the areas they represent

Goal 2. Finish existing building space to include a new library, storage area and classrom

Goal 3. Projects

ASDM Press

Group 5: Facilities

Goal 1. Determine necessary capital to maintain/expand ASDM "brand"

Goal 2. Install new entry gate system, incorporating turnstiles to facilitate quicker entry to grounds & better entry controls

Goal 3. Gulf Hall Project

Goal 4. Finish lower level of Baldwin Building

Goal 5. Develop additional plans and implement same for Animal Retirement Center

Group 6: Nominating Council

Goal 1. Continue representation from Sonora/Mexico on board

Goal 2. Board succession planning

*Initiatives primarily focused on 2011-2012. In 2012, an update of this plan will allow us to address more of the initiatives for 2013-2015