Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Naturalist Certificate Program

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Naturalist Certificate program is designed to help students better understand the ecological connections among the living residents of our region, and between the living and non-living world. The core course, Natural History of the Sonoran Desert, is required as an introduction to further studies. In addition, you must take a minimum of two courses from each of the five elective categories shown below. When an elective course is listed under more than one category, you will have to choose one for which it will be counted. The total number of required credits is 20, and in order to receive credit you must pass the accompanying test for each class.

The dates in parenthesis denote when the classes are scheduled for the 2018- 2019 season. Occasionally the dates may change slightly from those shown below and new classes may be added. If you plan to take the course for credit, call Sonya Norman at 520-883-3030 when you register.

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