Due to public health recommendations, the Museum is temporarily closed to public visitors.

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Wednesday, April 1st
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12:15 p.m. Live and (sort of) on the Loose
Warden Oasis Theater
10:00 a.m. Raptor Free Flight
rff demo area
9:00 a.m. Stingray Feeding ($)
Stingray Touch
12:30 p.m. Stingray Feeding ($)
Stingray Touch
3:00 p.m. Stingray Feeding ($)
Stingray Touch

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September 12 - 13, 2020
3:00 p.m. - 10:00 a.m.

Calling all Coati Kids! Florida Canyon in the Santa Rita Mountains, with its stream, riparian trees, and mountain slopes, is a hidden treasure of plant and animal life. Join us for a stay at the bunkhouse of the historic Santa Rita Experimental Range as we look for a diversity of creatures throughout the day and into the evening, plus enjoy campfire songs, yummy food, and more!