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A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert, 2nd Edition

A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert, 2nd Edition, Edited by Mark Alan Dimmitt, Patricia Wentworth Comus, and Linda M. Brewer

The landscape of the Sonoran Desert Region varies dramatically from parched desert lowlands to semiarid tropical forests and frigid subalpine meadows. Covering southeasternmost California, much of southern and central Arizona, most of Baja California, and much of the state of Sonora, Mexico, it is home to an extraordinary variety of plants and animals. A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert takes readers deep into its vast expanse, looking closely at the relationships of plants and animals with the land and people, through time and across landscapes. more...

"Dreaming Down the Rain" Broadside

"Dreaming Down the Rain" Broadside, Eric Magrane

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press has published its first-ever poetry broadside in honor of the Museum naming its its first-ever Poet-in-Residence, Eric Magrane. The poem celebrates the welcome and nourishing monsoons of our desert home and our connection to the natural world around us. Each broadside is signed by the author and comes in a brown paper sleeve. All proceeds from the sale of this commemorative piece support the programs of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. more...

A Natural History of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona: with an Introduction to the Madrean Sky Islands

A Natural History of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona:
with an Introduction to the Madrean Sky Islands
, By Richard C. Brusca and Wendy Moore
Foreword by Bill Broyles

This watershed book takes us behind the picture-postcard views and into the landscape, where we can understand, appreciate, and enjoy the natural history of the spectacular Santa Catalina Mountains. Its vividly illustrated chapters and nine picture guides (featuring native flora and fauna) paint a rich portrait of this famous range. In clear, everyday language the authors explain just what the Sky Islands are, telling the story of when and how they came to be — their deep geologic and biotic history. They also describe ten stops along the Mt. Lemmon Highway where visitors can easily see and understand the eight major biomes found in this range. Hundreds of photos, a dozen maps and figures, and more than two dozen stand-alone profiles highlight special places, people, or elements of the Catalinas and Sky Island Region. more...

Víctor, el zopilote renuente

Víctor, el zopilote renuente, By Jonathan Hanson
Illustrated by Kim Kanoa Duffek

¿Quién no se ha sentido incómodo en su propia piel en algún momento de la vida? ¿Quién no se ha preguntado acerca de su propio valor, o deseado ser alguien diferente? Víctor cuenta las ilusiones inocentes e imposibles y las aventuras de un joven zopilote (o buitre) que, a través de sus experiencias y el apoyo de su familia y su comunidad, encuentra su propia autoestima. Aunque fue escrito para lectores juveniles (de 8 a 12 años), tanto los jóvenes como los adultos encontrarán humorística, emotiva y significativa esta historia deliciosamente ilustrada. En el camino, se aprenderá algunas de las características únicas no sólo de los zopilotes, sino también de otras aves de presa comunes en el Desierto Sonorense. ¡Y esto es sólo el cuento! Para los lectores jóvenes, así como para los maestros y los padres, el libro incluye descripciones breves de historia natural de los animales y las plantas que aparecen en el cuento de Víctor. ¡Regáleles a sus jóvenes naturalistas más queridos este libro Víctor el zopilote renuente o Victor, the Reluctant Vulture del Museo del Desierto Arizona-Sonora. more...

Victor, the Reluctant Vulture

Victor, the Reluctant Vulture, By Jonathan Hanson
Illustrated by Kim Kanoa Duffek

Who among us hasn't been uncomfortable in our own skin at some point in life? Who among us hasn't wondered about our own worth, wishing to be something we were not? Well, Victor, or Víctor, follows the innocent but impossible dreams and adventures of a young vulture who, through experience and the support of his family and community, finds his own self-worth. While written for intermediate readers (ages 8 to 12 or so), young and old alike will find this delightfully illustrated story humorous, touching, and meaningful. Along the way, they will learn about some of the unique characteristics of not only vultures, but of some common birds of prey in the Sonoran Desert. And that's just the story! For the older intermediate readers, as well as for teachers and parents, the book includes brief entries on the natural history of animals or plants featured in Victor's tale. So, treat your favorite young naturalists to the Desert Museum's Victor, the Reluctant Vulture or Víctor, el zopilote renuente. more...

Sea Turtles of the Eastern Pacific

Sea Turtles of the Eastern Pacific: Advances in Research and Conservation, Foreword by Peter C. H. Pritchard; Edited by Jeffrey A Seminoff; Bryan P Wallace

Sea turtles are flagship species for the world's oceans. They traverse international boundaries during their migrations, serve as vehicles for marine nutrients to terrestrial habitats, and embody the often tenuous relationship between human action and ecosystem health. The East Pacific Ocean is home to some of the most dynamic marine ecosystems, and the most unique sea turtles. Marine biodiversity within this massive ocean region abounds in mangrove estuaries, seagrass pastures, coral reefs, the open ocean, and many other habitats, with sea turtles often the most conspicuous species present.