Exhibit Guide & Interpreter Packrat Playhouse

Volunteer Description:
Packrat Playhouse Volunteers will help facilitate informal learning in a dynamic family-driven play space inside the Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum's newest exhibit Packrat Playhouse.
Packrat Playhouse Exhibit Guides/ Interpreters will be trained to engage families through science based games and activities and interpret the ecology of the Sonoran Desert, primarily as it pertains to packrat behavior and interactions with other animals and plants. Exhibit Guides/ Interpreters work with children of all ages, use and expand upon public speaking and interpretive skills, while working in a fun, informal educational setting.
Applicants should have a passion for working with children in non-traditional educational settings. A positive and upbeat attitude. Applicants should be willing and comfortable to stand, bend and squat for the shift. Volunteer commitment is for a minimum of 5 months.
Current Openings:
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays for 3 hour shifts: 10am-1pm 11am-2pm or 1pm-4pm With a summer position Saturdays, 6pm-9pm during Cool Summer Nights events.