Raptor Free Flight

Photo of a Raptor Free Flight volunteer
Volunteer Description:
The Raptor Free Flight program hosts two shows per day, during the fall and spring seasons. The RFF collection consists of birds of prey that are native to the Sonoran Desert; the RFF shows feature non-restrained birds in free-flight (birds are not presented on the glove). Volunteers assist with every aspect of the program, including: husbandry, demonstration setup, and active participation in the demonstration.
This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about birds of prey (their natural history, their behavior, proper handling techniques and what's needed to care for them in captivity). Raptor Free Flight volunteers get personal instruction and knowledge about falconry, recommended operant conditioning techniques and the philosophy of "power of choice training".
Applicants must be 18 years or older to participate. Volunteers in this position make a once a week commitment, between the months of September - mid- April (between the hours of 8:30am-3:00pm). Applicants must be able to crouch for a period of 45 minutes, stand upright quickly, run, and lift/carry up to 20 pounds (steadily). Applicants need to be open towards volunteering outdoors in all weather conditions in desert surroundings (cactus, loose footing, wild snakes, scorpions, etc.). For the safety of the animals - applicants must be able to think quickly in demanding situations and communicate decisions related to animal needs. Applicants should have a clear understanding of the boundaries related to animal interactions. Applicants are asked to submit three references. Applicant interviews will be scheduled in July and August of 2018.
Current Openings:
Mondays, 8:30am - 3pm, Tuesdays, 8:30am - 3pm,Wednesdays, 8:30am - 3pm, Thursdays, 8:30am - 3pm Fridays, 8:30am - 3pm, Saturdays, 8:30am - 3pm, or Sundays, 8:30am - 3pm